The Sales Leader’s 
Guide to Value Selling
in 2021

Selling is tough. Selling in a pandemic-era amidst tight budgets and remote meetings is even tougher. How do you compel today’s frugal, skeptical and disengaged buyers to make fast and confident purchase decisions?

Our Sales Leader’s Guide to Value Selling in 2021 tells you:

  • How to shift your sales conversations to accelerate the path to purchase (plus, a sales conversation checklist)
  • How to create and distribute content that resonates with cautious, budget-conscious buyers
  • How to help your sellers quantify the value of your solution in every sales conversation

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You must be even more conscientious about time spent communicating with prospects, buyers, and customers. Acknowledge that they’re busy, and, like you, they are trying their best to adapt to a new environment.


Steve Silver, VP, Research Director at SiriusDecisions