Mediafly acquires Alinean Inc. to provide value-selling tools

By Carson Conant | October 25, 2018

Alinean will enhance Mediafly’s Evolved Selling™ solution with new value-selling interactive sales tools and advisory services.

Team working together It’s an exciting day for Mediafly customers and the future of sales! I am thrilled to announce Mediafly’s acquisition of Alinean Inc., a leader in providing value-selling tools to empower B2B sellers to better connect, engage, and sell to today’s economic-focused buyer. This acquisition not only expands Mediafly’s Evolved Selling technology with interactive value-selling tools, including ROI and TCO calculators, but also reinforces our commitment to shifting the sales presentation experience from linear and boring to interactive and engaging. (You’re welcome, buyers.)

As a result of the acquisition, we will also add integral advisory services needed by many companies to maximize the opportunity from purchasing a sales enablement solution. Tom Pisello, Founder and CEO of Alinean, will join Mediafly as Chief Evangelist and lead this innovative advisory team in delivering everything from content workshops to deep digital sales transformation projects. I’m honored for Mediafly to lead the way as the first company in the space to successfully combine best-in-class sales enablement software with the in-depth guidance required to deliver value in an integrated way.

Empower sales teams and customers image In the years Mediafly has been providing sales enablement solutions to many of the world’s most admired brands, I have seen progressive companies successfully transform their interactions between buyers and sellers for optimal sales results. Others who see their sales enablement solution as yet another portal to store sales content miss a huge opportunity to drive buyer satisfaction and revenue. This acquisition began as a simple question for my team: How do we make those clients, the ones lacking the vision behind their sales enablement solution, more like our world-class Evolved Sellers? Alinean is the answer. By merging Alinean’s capabilities into Mediafly, we can use our new advisory services to teach these companies how to articulate their value story in a dynamic and interactive way. And then quickly deploy best-in-class interactive selling tools to help them easily execute their new value-driven selling stories in a way that resonates with buyers. These new capabilities will not only further our mission to create one-of-a-kind sales experiences but help our customers crush their competition with an actionable path to transforming the way they engage their buyers.

Value Matters

It’s an exciting time in the sales enablement space, but as I continue to see our competitors focus on acquisitions aimed at enhancing baseline capabilities like CMS and LMS, I know I want to take things in a different direction. For me, the real value in sales enablement lies in the capabilities we offer to enhance the live engagement between buyers and sellers. At Mediafly, we strive to create an improved selling experience that values the buyer and drives positive sales outcomes.

For the past year, I’ve been looking for the right way to enhance and expand our Evolved Selling solution to make it easier for more companies to achieve the results of our most progressive and innovative customers. When I met Tom Pisello, Founder and CEO of Alinean, we both immediately saw the opportunity in combining our capabilities.

Bright future for our team and customers Alinean shares our passion. Like Mediafly, they recognize B2B buyers have changed, have become more digitally savvy and sophisticated, and that to stay competitive, sellers need to change along with them. Today’s buyers aren’t looking for sellers to present static, boring pitch decks with product information they’ve already found online. They’re looking for sellers to bring additional value to sales conversations – to effectively communicate the impact their product or service will have on the buyer’s business in the context of what the buyer cares about.

As a Mediafly partner, Alinean has already proven its ability to foster these value-driven sales experiences. And based on the success of our joint customers, it’s clear…a sales enablement platform is the first step in improving sales and marketing efficiency. But too many companies stop there. They don’t make the leap to an integrated solution that nurtures the buyer-seller relationship with dynamic content and interactive tools to better communicate and quantify differentiating value to prospective buyers. This latter step is where companies can move from efficiency gains to transformational uplift.

Forrester statistics graphics

A Brighter Future

Earlier this year, we commissioned Forrester Consulting to survey sales and marketing leaders at B2B enterprises regarding their use of sales enablement technology and report their findings. As a result of that study, Forrester Consulting found that sellers who use interactive selling tools in live sales engagements are more effective at engaging high-level stakeholders in sales conversations, advancing deals forward, and driving impressive revenue growth. For me, the survey results validate every benefit our customers will gain from a joint Mediafly-Alinean solution. And I’m so excited to be able to offer the platform, tools, and services they need to achieve these outcomes in one place.

I also look forward to seeing the tools and breakthrough sales presentations from the new Mediafly advisory services workshops drive additional engagement, differentiation, and growth for Mediafly customers. The future is bright!

For more information about the acquisition or capabilities offered via our new and improved Evolved Selling experience, please visit our FAQ.

Carson Conant founded Mediafly in 2006 and has led the growth of its enterprise solutions that are being used by some of the world’s largest and most admired companies. Under his leadership, Mediafly has been named on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing companies for eight years consecutively, in addition to being named Crain’s ‘Best Places to Work’ for four years consecutively. 

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