Interactive Presentations: A Piece of the Sales Enablement Equation

By Meghan Rees | May 10, 2018



Today’s modern B2B buyer is entering the sales process later and with more knowledge about product capabilities and competitive differences than ever before. A salesperson’s job has evolved from educating buyers on products to showing how a product or solution can deliver value to the buyer’s business or solve the buyer’s business challenge.

While the value-based selling approach itself isn’t new, sellers have only recently begun changing the way they engage prospects in order to meet buyers where they are in their journey. Regardless of industry, there is a business opportunity for sellers to show the value of a product or solution and communicate it effectively. The value a solution provides can be either quantitative (e.g. revenue growth, cost savings) or qualitative (e.g. safety, variety).

Show me, don’t tell me
It’s not enough to simply say, “This product is safer,” or “This product is easier to use.” Telling buyers the value is no match for showing them. So how do we do this?


Transitioning away from feature dumping to value selling does three things. First, it differentiates the seller. Let competitors get into an apples-to-apples comparison over who has the best features and functionality. A buyer can read about product components online or in brochureware. If they are interacting with a salesperson, it’s because they’re looking for what they can’t find on their own: the business impact. Buyers are more likely to move forward with a purchase if they feel they’ve learned something new about their business, industry, or the market. You can set yourself apart from the competition by positioning yourself as a trusted advisor throughout the buying cycle.

Second, it shows the buyer you’ve considered their unique obstacles and are proposing a solution that fits their specific needs. The most successful sellers will customize their pitch for each interaction. Third, elevating value-based selling with interactive presentation elements will have buyers on the edge of their seats. Implementing guided-selling tools or calculators that require input from the prospect will intrigue them and build confidence that what they’re buying will address their specific problem. Not only is it fun, but it’s educational for both parties.


Empowering salespeople with interactive capabilities ensures sellers create a personalized experience for every sales interaction. It establishes instant credibility and educates buyers on the value proposition of the product or service while engaging them in relevant and insightful conversations that can help move the opportunity forward.

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*Source: How B2B Sellers Win in the Age of the Customer, a commissioned study by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Mediafly

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