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Did you know B2B Enterprises that enable their channel partners with Sales Enablement technologies are 2.1x more likely to see double-digit revenue growth?

In April 2018, Mediafly commissioned Forrester Consulting to explore how B2B Enterprises support both their direct and indirect sellers with sales enablement technologies. Through an online survey of 227 sales and marketing leaders, Forrester found that despite partner sales channels contributing to nearly half of total company revenue, B2B companies still prioritize providing tools and training for direct sellers over indirect sellers.

Read the full paper, It’s Time To Enable Your Channel Partners For Evolved Selling, to understand why enabling your channel with the same sales enablement technologies you arm your direct sellers with is imperative to business survival in the 21st Century.

This paper explores:

  • Why sales experiences are largely inconsistent across channels (and how it hurts your business)
  • The critical role your indirect channel plays in achieving your business goals
  • How to drive growth by improving sales experiences and deepening customer relationships
  • Why empowering your partners with sales enablement technologies gives you a competitive advantage
  • The value of interactive sales tools

Download the full paper here: