Mediafly is pleased to announce that we have completed our acquisition of Alinean Inc. We’re excited to join forces to transform buyer-seller interactions for more satisfied buyers and stronger sales outcomes. As a leader in sales enablement technology, we pledge our continued commitment to enabling our customers’ success.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Why did Mediafly acquire Alinean Inc.?

Mediafly and Alinean share a passion for arming sales reps with personalized insights and data to increase the success of sales presentations. Mediafly initially partnered with Alinean to help our customers provide tangible business value in each and every sales interaction leading to increased buyer satisfaction and revenue. This acquisition is the natural progression of that partnership, thanks to the outstanding results our customers have experienced.

While content management features have become standard in the sales enablement space, we believe our real value lies in the capabilities we offer to truly enhance the live engagement between sellers and buyers. Alinean’s interactive sales tools, including TCO and ROI calculators, enhance Mediafly’s Evolved Selling™ platform beyond what our competitors can offer in terms of value-selling and will deliver even greater results and sales effectiveness to Mediafly customers globally. The acquisition will also enable Mediafly to expand its business units to include advisory services, making Mediafly the first company in the space to successfully combine sales enablement software with the services needed to deliver results in an integrated way.

We’re excited to welcome the Alinean team on board and continue to build on our “best-in-class” selling experience together.

2) What will change at Mediafly?

Moving forward, Mediafly will employ all 17 of Alinean’s existing employees, including Tom Pisello, Founder and CEO of Alinean. Tom will assume the role of Chief Evangelist within the new Mediafly organization and sit on Mediafly’s Executive team. Mediafly will continue to pursue our mission to create a world where buyers enjoy being sold to because of the value each sales interaction brings, with support from Alinean’s tools, services, and team. Our Evolved Selling solution will absorb Alinean’s technology to expand the interactive, value-selling tools Mediafly provides, known as Extensions. A new and innovative professional services team led by Tom Pisello will deliver everything from content workshops to deep sales transformation advisory projects, demonstrating how to leverage the Mediafly platform to deliver sales more easily and effectively, drive engagement, and accelerate growth.

3) What does this mean for Alinean?

Alinean is now a Mediafly company and will merge operations with Mediafly over the coming months. Tom Pisello, Founder and CEO of Alinean, will join Mediafly’s Executive team as Chief Evangelist and manage Mediafly’s new sales enablement advisory services business. The Alinean team will continue to build best-of-breed value-selling tools, including ROI and TCO calculators, and incorporate them into Mediafly’s Evolved Selling platform to help customers shift sales presentations from static and boring to interactive, value-based sales experiences.

4) How does this impact Mediafly customers?

Mediafly customers will see no changes to existing subscriptions or service level agreements. Once integrated, Mediafly’s enhanced Evolved Selling technology will enable Mediafly customers to take advantage of new value-selling tools and capabilities, including ROI and TCO calculators, health and value assessments, from within their existing Mediafly deployments. These tools will enable your sellers to use real-time data to effectively communicate the economic impact of your product or service in the context of your buyer’s unique business or industry challenges.

If desired, new and existing customers can also take advantage of advisory services or enroll in new workshops designed to identify where you’re at on your journey to digital sales transformation and help you move your business to a state of fully Evolved Selling for increased competitive advantage and revenue.

5) How does this impact Alinean customers?

Alinean customers will see no changes to existing subscriptions or service level agreements. In addition to the interactive, value-selling tools already deployed, Alinean customers who opt to implement Mediafly’s Evolved Selling technology will gain a robust sales asset management (SAM)/digital content management for sales (DCMS) system. The Mediafly platform aligns marketing and sales with one unified sales application, making it easy to distribute sales content and assemble sales presentations using a variety of content types (e.g. video, PowerPoint, pdf, etc.). Our technology transforms the presentation experience, empowering reps to present anywhere, on any device – whether online or offline. And easily pivot in the moment to address what the buyer wants to talk about. When properly integrated, Mediafly facilitates the push and pull of data for increased sales and marketing efficiency, more engaging and collaborative sales conversations, and a clear understanding of what content drives revenue.

6) What are the benefits of using Mediafly’s Evolved Selling platform in conjunction with Alinean’s value-selling tools?

Mediafly and Alinean have joined forces to create a new and improved Evolved Selling experience. Companies that adopt an Evolved Selling approach can expect to accelerate deal closure by up to 43% and drive company growth by as much as 60%. Evolved Sellers experience a 70% lift in buyers purchasing more than the original scope of the project because of the value and insights added throughout their sales interactions. They also drive repeat business, with buyers 82% more likely to consider them for future opportunities.[1] How?

Evolved Selling incorporates sales engagement methodologies and technology to enhance how brands engage with prospective buyers, empowering sales reps to make sales interactions much more impactful and successful every time. The four pillars of Evolved Selling are:

  • Inspiring – Do you have the right content? Is it relevant and engaging? Effective sales content will help your sellers differentiate themselves through conversation, and more importantly, inspire your buyers to change.
  • Influential – Is your content being delivered in the right context? Is it dynamic and modularized? For content to drive results, your reps need the flexibility to tell the value story of your product or service in the context of your buyer’s business, industry, or challenge – when your buyer needs it.
  • Interactive – Is your content driving the right collaboration with prospects? Capture needs and opportunities, leverage data, insights, and benchmarks in real-time. Diagnose, prescribe, and quantify personalized value and differentiating advantages.
  • Intelligent – Are you able to advance the right sales outcomes? Understanding how your content is used, knowing what content works and what doesn’t, and utilizing those insights to optimize future content efforts ensures your marketing and sales teams have what they need to move deals forward.

7) Where can I find more information about the combined Mediafly+Alinean offering?

To learn more about Mediafly’s acquisition of Alinean Inc. and our plans for the future, please visit our blog and press release.

8) Who should I contact if I want to learn more?

If you’re an existing customer and would like to learn more about the benefits of the combined Mediafly+Alinean offering, please contact your Account Executive, Customer Success Manager, Project Manager or Analyst resource.

Please direct all other inquiries regarding Mediafly’s acquisition of Alinean Inc. to Thank you!

1) “It’s Time to Enable Your Channel Sellers for Evolved Selling”, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Mediafly, July 2018.