From Static Sales Pitch to Interactive Sales Engagement

By Dustin Zweck | June 19, 2018

Sales engagements have transformed from one-way presentations to two-way interactions. Why? B2B buyers have changed their approach to buying products, services, and technology. They engage with sales reps later in the buying process and have higher expectations for what they will take away from sales conversations.

1in3Stat-750x448 With less time in front of buyers, sellers need to differentiate themselves in a way that leaves a lasting impression. According to Marketing Profs, 1 in 3 adults admits they’ve fallen asleep during a generic PowerPoint presentation. Many sales reps focus too much on themselves and their own product, service or business, as opposed to tailoring the presentation to the buyer’s unique needs. This needs to change.

48Stat-750x448 Today’s modern B2B buyer expects a personalized sales experience. They want to learn something new about their business and are looking for a seller who can act as a trusted advisor to guide them through the process. According to Gartner Research, 48% of sales reps don’t do a good job of articulating the business value for buyers, and as a result, 58% of sales opportunities end in “no decision”.

83Stat-750x449 The cost of poor sales engagements will keep sales leaders up at night. When 83% of salespeople don’t get a second meeting and over half of the deals in an organization become stalled, it is a recipe for sales pipeline disaster.

According to Forrester Research, 74% of B2B buyers will choose the company, product or service who’s salesperson adds value to them. So how can you make sure your sellers are adding value?

Improving sales engagements starts with interactive and visual content. Buyers have indicated that elements such as interactive storytelling, assessment tools, and ROI or TCO calculators are extremely valuable throughout the sales process. Providing business specific benchmarks and insights to help measure effectiveness has been proven to be more receptive than industry standard figures.

To learn how Mediafly and Alinean can help you transform your sales interactions for the better, watch the webinar.

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