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B2B Buyers Are Changing

By Meghan Rees| February 14, 2018

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Today’s B2B buyers are changing their behaviors, and as a result, the traditional sales process is no longer traditional. With increased access to information about products, industry knowledge and competitive intel, buyers have more power when entering into the sales process.

The additional resources buyers have at their fingertips allows them to conduct their own initial research and be influenced by reviews, recommendations and other opinions. According to Forrester, 68% of buyers find accessing information online is far superior than interacting with a sales person. This number has increased by 15% in just the last two years.

The modern B2B buyer is entering the sales interaction later than before and is known to have qualities resembling both B2C and B2B approaches. As discussed in 4 Key B2B Takeaways from Super Bowl LII, there is a lot to be learned from B2C methodologies. Similar to the connection a consumer might feel with a B2C brand, B2B buyers want to have a similar, positive experience at every touch point. They want to learn something new thats additive to what they can discover on their own.

This means changing the way buyers are engaged from their first interaction through to after the sale has been made. Change is inevitable. Approaches need to be shifted to meet buyers in their journey or they’ll be left in the dust. But this responsibility doesn’t solely fall onto sellers. Marketing plays a big role here too.

Watch our webinar to learn how your marketing team can enable sales to work together towards evolving into a buyer-centric organization:


About Mediafly
Mediafly was founded on the principle that people hate being sold to because it rarely addresses their needs. In fact, only 8% of B2B buyers believe value is delivered from sellers. Our customers have the key ingredients to making the relationship between sales and marketing stronger by creating a buyer-centric approach and providing value at every step along the buyer’s journey. Mediafly’s Evolved Selling™ platform results in stronger engagements with prospects and closing more business.

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About Mediafly

Mediafly is a mobile sales enablement solution that enhances how brands engage prospective buyers. By using Mediafly’s technology, marketing and sales teams at companies including PepsiCo, Disney, GE Healthcare, MillerCoors and Charles Schwab, are able to deliver custom, dynamic sales presentations quickly and efficiently, engaging customers with insights that are relevant to them. Mediafly’s Evolved Selling™ solution enables sellers to be more flexible, insightful and interactive in their sales interactions, resulting in increased sales and stronger customer relationships. Mediafly has been named to the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies for five years consecutively in addition to being named Inc.’s Best Places to Work of 2017 and 2018. Visit or follow @Mediafly for more information.

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