Sales Enablement Solutions: How New Technology Allows Sellers to Escape Their Comfort Zones

By Carson Conant | February 23, 2018

Using New Sales Methodology, Sellers Can Embrace Digital Sales Transformation

Sellers in traditional businesses like financial services, manufacturing, and consumer goods tend to become experts in specific products and services, and as a result, become comfortable and talented at selling only those products or services. Sales representatives become biased to either sell what they’re most comfortable with or push the top-selling product and neglecting the rest. Whatever the case, these barriers trap sellers in their “comfort zone” when it comes to sales methodology.

In today’s environment, with acquisitions, divestitures, and fierce competition, sellers need to be able to pivot and sell the value of a constantly-changing set of products and services. Furthermore, cross-selling and upselling is becoming a necessity and becomes a key differentiator in the field. Sellers need to grow and sell differently, but how?

Sales Enablement Solutions Are About Changing Salespeople’s Behavior

Salespeople need to behave differently, and a vital method for moving in that direction is by using a sales enablement solution. Digital transformation allows sellers to have up-to-date content for the latest products, solutions, and value propositions. Most importantly, access to this content enables sellers to speak confidentially and intelligently about solutions that are outside of their comfort zone. They can articulate real-world value to the buyers, coming across as experts. Through guided selling, the buyer’s input steers the conversation towards content personalized for them. The seller accomplishes this by asking fundamental questions that help identify cross-sell and upsell opportunities. From there, they dig into the specific results.

A True Sales Enablement Solution is Dynamic, Interactive, Integrated and Informed

A sales enablement solution that allows for fully Evolved Selling is the cornerstone of any sales transformation. The four pillars of Evolved Selling™ are the foundation you can build on to create a truly compelling sales force. These four pillars are characterized by attributes of being dynamic, interactive, integrated and informed.

Dynamic content allows sellers to find and assemble the appropriate story and then pivot in real-time to other products and solutions based on the interest of the buyer in the moment. Interactive content provides sellers with personalized value propositions that help the buyer articulate their needs through discovery. Leveraging external data also personalizes the value for the buyer (ROI) by delivering relevant insights on their business to help inform their decisions. Finally, integration to CRM closes the loop. Sales spend less time in CRM, and management understands what is driving revenue to focus content development efforts.

Success Stories from Leveraging Sales Enablement Solutions

Evolved Sellers operate outside their comfort zone and sell the latest and greatest — even if they have been selling within their comfort zone for years or decades. See examples of companies such as Goldman Sachs, igus, and PepsiCo expanding outside their comfort zone and berating the competition:

Financial Services case study
CPG case study
Manufacturing case study


About Mediafly
Mediafly was founded on the principle that people hate being sold to because it rarely addresses their needs. By using our technology, the world’s top companies are able to shape sales presentations in real-time, rather than boring their customers with generic pitch decks built the night before. Sales teams using Mediafly are more effective in each meeting because they engage their customers with insights that are relevant to them. We call this Evolved Selling™.

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