Data-Driven Insights: A piece of the sales enablement equation

By Meghan Rees | April 24, 2018

Data-Driven Insights: A part of the sales enablement equation
According to Forrester Research, 77% of B2B buyers want sellers to integrate customized data-driven insights into sales presentations. The information presented should teach them something new about their business, industry or market and help the seller to tell the story of how the product or service will impact their business. Sales teams that do this accelerate deal closure, drive repeat business and increase cross-sell opportunities.

Evolved Sellers:


There’s a good reason for this. Today’s B2B buyers have a wealth of information available at their fingertips. They’re doing their own research into possible solutions and entering the sales process later than ever. In fact, only 8% of B2B buyers believe sales interactions are valuable at all. To combat this notion, sellers need to recognize that today’s buyers are empowered by the knowledge of what’s available to them and adjust their approach accordingly. To be successful, modern sales interactions need to focus less on what the product or service can do and more on what the product or service means to the buyer’s business.

Leveraging 3rd party or CRM data-driven insights during sales presentations helps differentiate sellers and gives them a competitive advantage. By teaching a buyer something new about their organization or industry, a sales rep can transform into a trusted advisor that gains the respect and attention of the buyer.

Ultimately, buyers will look forward to the next sales interaction because it is so valuable. This data-driven approach to selling shifts the buyer’s perception of the salesperson from seller to expert, and showing a buyer how a solution can impact their business transforms information from data to insights. This is what buyers want.

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