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Advisory Services

Assessments and Workshops for Progressive Marketers and Sellers

Your sales enablement solution should be more than a content repository. It should empower your sellers to create more impactful and personalized sales conversations that drive business results. How do you ensure you’re leveraging your technology investment to not only help sellers find and utilize your content but also evolve the way they engage with prospects?

Centered on Mediafly’s four pillars of Evolved Selling™, Mediafly’s Advisory Services combine best-in-class sales enablement software with the in-depth guidance required to deliver value in an integrated way. This ensures your sales engagements are:


Do you have the right content? Is it relevant and engaging?


Is your content easily accessible and customizable in the right context?


Are sales meetings collaborative and conversational?


Does your platform integrate with your tech stack? Can you measure content usage and revenue impact?

Companies that leverage Mediafly’s Advisory Services:

Maximize return on investment

Drive improved usage, customer engagements, and sales outcomes

Evolve guided selling content to be more personalized, automated, and intelligent

Effectively track and measure the impact content has on revenue

Mediafly Advisory works with your team

Mediafly’s Advisory Services team works with your team to take content, sales, and measurement-related challenges head on, ensuring you can effectively transform your sales approach from pitching products to selling value. Assess where you’re at today and take your organization to a state of Evolved Selling with a workshop series designed to help you get the most out of your Mediafly solution. Current offerings include:

Evolved Selling™ Assessment

Gauge where you’re at on your Evolved Selling journey.

  • Assess where your organization is today and where you have room to improve
  • Visualize a roadmap to guide your sales transformation, advance your sellers’ capabilities, and achieve your business goals
  • Receive comparison benchmarks, recommendations, and a personalized Evolved Selling Assessment report to gain consensus of your accomplishments and formulate next steps

Contact your Mediafly account rep or Customer Success manager today to schedule an assessment.

Reimagine Value Workshop

Take your sales organization from pitch to purpose.

  • Review existing sales content, value messaging, and financial justification
  • Reshape your sales content from your prospective buyer’s point of view
  • Deliver financial justification calculations you need to better communicate and quantify the cost of “doing nothing” and value of change
  • Receive Value Matrix™ worksheets, business value calculations quantifying all aspects of differentiating business value, roadmap for leveraging content to improve sales collateral

Schedule a workshop today by contacting your Mediafly account or Customer Success manager.

Reimagine Sales Content Workshop

Deepen customer relationships with contextual content.

  • Analyze content usage and determine most valuable content
  • Determine content gaps and archival needs
  • Ideate for improved organization of content that promotes proper usage
  • Receive Content Review and Analysis Findings report, Rapid Reimagine Sales Content prototype with new ways to organize and dynamically access content, collaborative next steps plan

Looking to schedule a Reimagine Sales Content Workshop? Contact your Mediafly account or Customer Success manager now.

Reimagine Interactive Content Workshop

Transcend traditional guided selling to improve customer conversations.

  • Analyze content usage and determine most valuable content
  • Assess the content you’ve already created in the form of guides, whitepapers, and spreadsheets
  • Select a representative interactive tool opportunity and create a prototype, converting your guide, whitepaper, or spreadsheet into an interactive tool example
  • Receive interactive content improvement roadmap, interactive content prototype example

Contact your Mediafly account rep or Customer Success manager today to schedule an assessment.

Reimagine Intelligence Workshop

Unlock metrics from the entirety of the sales cycle for actionable insights to improve future sales pitches.

  • Determine if your solution is properly integrated with your sales tech stack for a holistic view of your buyer
  • Understand the benefits of incorporating new and emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) into your sales application
  • Effectively track and measure the impact your content has on revenue and other sales outcomes
  • Receive success KPI metrics, customized analysis reports centered on adoption, usage, and business value, next steps for optimizing/advancing reports using Mediafly’s reporting capabilities

Interested in scheduling a Reimagine Intelligence Workshop? Contact your Mediafly account or Customer Success manager today.

“The worry the marketing team experienced over the quality of their content very quickly moved into motivation to create better content. That’s a big win for us and something our customers have noticed. We hear regularly that we’re best-in-class for our approach to inspiring customers to act.”

Eric Spenske, Head of Marketing at Givaudan Flavors North America

Are Mediafly’s Advisory Services right for you?

Mediafly’s Advisory Services offer the collaborative, in-depth guidance you need to empower your sellers to shift from pitching products to pitching with purpose and maximize the return on investment of your sales enablement solution.

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