Reimagine Intelligence Workshop

Ensure your content efforts are driving sales improvements, revenue, and growth.


As a sales enablement or content development professional, you’re often asked to prove the value of your efforts. But without the proper tools and processes in place, it can be difficult to understand where and when your content is being used, and more importantly, how it is impacting revenue.

Stop wasting precious marketing resources on content that doesn’t get used by sales, or worse, doesn’t resonate with buyers. In our one-day, on-site Reimagine Intelligence workshop, Mediafly’s Advisory Services team will lead your team in a collaborative session designed to help you:

TechStackIcon-1 Determine if your solution is properly integrated with other key components of your tech stack for a holistic view of your buyer

AIIntegrationIcon-1 Understand the benefits of incorporating new technologies like AI into your sales application

TrackContentIcon-1 Effectively track and measure the impact your content has on revenue and other sales outcomes

Workshop deliverables include:

  • Success KPI metrics
  • Customized analysis reports centered on adoption, usage, and business value
  • Plan for optimizing reports using Mediafly’s reporting capabilities to meet evolving insight needs
  • A complimentary copy of our book “Evolved Selling: Optimizing Sales Enablement in the Age of FRUGALNOMICS”

Is this workshop right for me?


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