Reimagine Sales Content Workshop

Deepen customer relationships with contextual content.

In a culture of impatience and instant gratification, companies like Netflix, Amazon, and Uber have set a high bar. B2B buyers have grown accustomed to personalized, on-demand experiences in their everyday lives as consumers and expect no less when making purchases for their businesses. Presenting relevant, compelling, and authoritative content at exactly the right time along your customer’s journey can make or break a sale.

Ensure the content your marketing team produces is actually used by your sales team by making it organized and accessible where and when sellers need it most. In our one-day, on-site Reimagine Sales Content workshop, Mediafly’s Advisory Services team will provide you with the analysis and advice to:

OptimizeContentIcon Better understand and optimize your content

Reimagine the seller experience

DriveUsageIcon Drive improved usage, customer engagements, and sales outcomes

Workshop deliverables include:

  • Content review and analysis findings report
  • Rapid Reimagine Sales Content prototype with new ways to organize and dynamically access content
  • Collaborative plan for action and next steps
  • A complimentary copy of our book “Evolved Selling: Optimizing Sales Enablement in the Age of FRUGALNOMICS”

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