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Mediafly ValueStory®:

Interactive Selling Tools for Value-Based Sales Experiences

While most companies have a clear understanding of what differentiates them from their competition, communicating that value at a field sales level remains a challenge. Companies that do attempt to tell a convincing, value-based story about return on investment (ROI) or total cost of ownership (TCO) often turn to costly and complicated means such as spreadsheets to convey concepts including time savings, product safety, and ROI.



“Mediafly is uniquely positioned to help when you need to show value in a complicated B2B situation. They were the only vendor we found who could combine the messaging with the tools to provide a complete value-based selling approach. Their technology also integrated with our existing systems, which made the move to value-selling more seamless.”

Patrick Flanigan, Senior Director of Sales Enablement at ADP

Mediafly ValueStory empowers sellers and marketers to turn static sales presentations into collaborative conversations that resonate with economic-focused buyers.

Next-generation guided selling tools

Interactive calculators and comparisons

Self-service assessments

Data visualization

Companies that leverage Mediafly ValueStory are well-positioned to:

Increase sales

Accelerate deal velocity

Engage high-level stakeholders in sales conversations

Increase new business referrals

Mediafly ValueStory makes it easy for companies to successfully incorporate interactive selling tools like ROI calculators, TCO and product comparisons, and diagnostic and benchmark assessments into existing sales processes. Model your unique value in a spreadsheet and within weeks Mediafly will style a sophisticated and intuitive interface for your sellers to input data and view the results in real-time with customers and prospects.

ValueStory Examples


Better Communicate and Quantify Your Unique Value

Build a solid foundation of value messaging, provocative insights, and credible financial justification.

  • Create differentiated business value messaging and quantification
  • Enable prospects to self-assess challenges, “do nothing” costs, and potential benefits from your solutions
  • Empower marketers, sales reps and partners to quantify prospect challenges, benefits, ROI and TCO

How do you create and differentiate the right value story and quantification? Mediafly can help.


Move Beyond One-Size-Fits-All White Papers and Spreadsheets

Develop compelling and credible content to better engage buyers and accelerate purchase decisions.

  • Launch interactive self-assessment tools to help prospects evaluate current capabilities and prioritize challenges
  • Communicate the unique value you can deliver earlier in the decision-making process
  • Provide buyers with powerful visuals, insights, storytelling, and relevant success stories to motivate change

Check out our webinar How to Convert Your Boring White Papers into Interactive Tools for More Qualified Leads.


Effectively Engage Economic-Focused Buyers

Leverage Mediafly to create and deliver customized, interactive value-selling tools to marketers, sellers, and partners.

  • Launch interactive applications to guide hand-in-hand Discovery with prospects
  • Help prospects uncover new opportunities and prioritize challenges unique to their businesses
  • Engage prospects earlier and build credibility with customized value storytelling and business value analysis tools

Eliminate static sales presentations and start creating interactive, value-driven sales experiences today.

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Is Mediafly ValueStory right for you?

We work with companies large and small who have complex or diverse products and services to sell, from beverages to financial. To learn whether Mediafly ValueStory is right for your company, request a demo!

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