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Mediafly Is Your Evolved SellingTM Solution

Becoming an Evolved Seller isn’t easy all on your own. It requires alignment and communication between sales and marketing, the ability to customize sales content, access to data insights, an easy way to pivot the presentation for more meaningful conversations, and tracking and analyzing sales interactions so you can improve future ones.

Mediafly’s solution combines cutting edge technology, sales methodologies and Evolved Selling best practices to seamlessly and easily enhance how brands engage with prospective buyers. Our secure sales applications empower sales reps to make sales interactions much more impactful and successful every time, without the heavy maintenance and expense.

The four key pillars of Evolved Selling include:


InspiringIconIs your sales content inspiring?

Evolved Sellers elevate sales conversations from pitch to purpose with relevant and engaging content focused on what their buyer cares about most.


InfluentialIconAre your sales presentations influential?

Evolved Sellers leverage dynamic, modularized content to tell a differentiating story about the value of their product or service in the context of their buyer’s business.


InteractiveIconAre your sales discussions interactive?

Evolved Sellers utilize interactive sales tools like ROI calculators to capture real-time input from buyers, visualize data in a way that’s easy to understand, and guide more collaborative sales meetings.


IntelligentIconIs your sales enablement solution intelligent?

Evolved Sellers effectively track and measure the impact their content has on revenue and use that information to optimize future marketing efforts for improved sales outcomes.

Begin Evolving Your Sales Practices Today With:

Does Evolved Selling really work?

Yes! Here’s Why

Are Your Team Members Evolved Sellers?

Discover the benefits of Evolved Selling, whether your sales team is an Evolved Selling engine, and how to leverage Mediafly technology to bring Evolved Selling to life within your company.

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A Key Component to Evolved Selling Success? Marketers

Sales materials often start with marketers, but they might be creating in a vacuum, with no data on what sales needs, what works, and what could be improved. Mediafly changes all that.

See how the Mediafly Evolved Selling Solution puts marketers in control of content quality and success.


A Content Platform That Sales Reps Will Want to Use? Yes

An easy user interface, always up-to-date accessible content (even offline), leveraging successes of others, faster presentation build and meeting follow-ups, and no tedious, static sales decks. These are are just some of the benefits that not only save sales reps’ time but make for a more confident pitch.

See more about how Mediafly helps make life — and sales — easier for sellers.

Is the Mediafly Evolved Selling™ Solution Right for You?

We work with companies large to small who have complex or diverse products and services to sell, from beverages to financial.
To learn whether Mediafly’s technology is right for your company, request a demo!