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How Sales Enablement Can Increase CRM Adoption and BOOST SALES

A guide to driving more value from your existing CRM investment

While 91% of today’s companies have implemented a CRM system, adoption remains low (just 26%). Built for leadership and time consuming for sales reps to manage, it’s no wonder embracing CRM is more complicated for sellers who prioritize interacting with customers over data entry.

How do you get your sales reps to understand the benefits of a CRM solution for maximum return on investment? Successfully integrating your CRM solution with an AI-powered sales enablement platform can help.

In this guide, we review:

  • The benefits of combining content management technology and CRM
  • Three foolproof ways to drive CRM adoption
  • How a Fortune 500 company solves several business challenges with an integrated CRM solution

Download the guide to learn how to get the most out of your CRM investment and drive higher adoption.