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Are Your PowerPoints Falling Flat?

Digital selling is the new “business as usual”. Armed with the same traditional PowerPoint decks used for in-person meetings, your sellers are likely falling short.

We have a fast, risk-free solution.

  • Transform your existing content into an interactive, engaging, and memorable experience 
  • Ready in just 3 weeks with a no-risk commitment 
  • License includes up to 50 sellers

Interactive content gains 2x more engagement than static content

Close more deals with content that performs


Mediafly’s Jumpstart Presentations Program makes it easier than ever to get started

It’s as easy as 1-2-3!


3-week rapid development and delivery for you and your marketing and sales teams


No-risk program After the PowerPoint conversion, Workspace creation and short-pilot period, you can cancel at any time 


$35,000 per year:
  • 2-year license commitment/up to 40 page PowerPoint/licensing for up to 50 sellers
  • Add on services and licensing as needed to scale the program quickly and cost-effectively

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Why transform your presentations?

of buyers admit to falling asleep
during a PowerPoint presentation 

of buyers want sellers to pivot
presentations/meetings to discuss what the buyer wants to talk about, not what the deck says 

of buyers would rather go to the
than sit through another presentation 

What makes Mediafly Jumpstart Presentations different?

Get started quickly with presentations that close deals

  • Ready to go in just 3 weeks
  • Scalable across the entire team
  • Track exactly what is used, shared, and consumed by both buyers and sellers 
  • Ability to pivot content within a live conversation so you always share the right content, at exactly the right time
  • Risk-free, you can cancel anytime

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