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Mediafly’s Evolved Selling Solution incorporates sales engagement methodologies and sales enablement technology to enhance how brands engage with prospective buyers. Empower your sales reps to make sales interactions much more impactful and successful every time.

Quick read: What is Evolved Selling?

Evolved Selling Benefits


66% lift in revenue


82% increase in repeat business


43% more closed deals


70% increased cross-sells

Source: Forrester Consulting

Is Your Organization an Evolved Selling Engine?

Most companies use presentation technology that is static, linear, and inefficient. We help clients build their own path towards becoming fully evolved sellers based on their timing and specific needs. Consider whether you have an opportunity to develop and deliver sales engagements with more impact and insight, based on the four core elements of Evolved Selling.


Is your sales content inspiring?

Evolved Sellers elevate sales conversations from pitch to purpose with relevant and engaging content focused on what their buyer cares about most.


Are your sales presentations influential?

Evolved Sellers leverage dynamic, modularized content to tell a differentiating story about the value of their product or service in the context of their buyer’s business.


Are your sales discussions interactive?

Evolved Sellers utilize interactive sales tools like ROI calculators to capture real-time input from buyers, visualize data in a way that’s easy to understand, and guide more collaborative sales meetings.


Is your sales enablement solution intelligent?

Evolved Sellers effectively track and measure the impact their content has on revenue and use that information to optimize future marketing efforts for improved sales outcomes.

Next Steps to Becoming an Evolved Seller

Did you answer NO to all four of the questions?

Your sales team members are likely Static Sellers, and your buyers are disengaged. Mediafly can make a huge difference.

Did you answer NO to any of the questions?

Your sales team members are likely Transitional Sellers. They are on their way to becoming Evolved Sellers, but need additional support to make the leap. Mediafly technology can take push them to the next level and give your buyers what they want.

Did you answer YES to all of four questions?

Congratulations! Your team is likely well versed in Evolved Selling. Mediafly technology can help them optimize presentations, do more with less time, and feel even more confident in their ability to provide personalized and engaging buyer experiences.

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Why Is This Important to My Organization?


of the time BUYERS purchase from SELLERS offering insights and value* (aka Evolved Sellers)

*How B2B Sellers Win in the Age of the Customer, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Mediafly

B2B Buyers Have Changed Have You?



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Is the Mediafly Evolved Selling Solution Right for You?

We work with companies large to small who have complex or diverse products and services to sell, across many industries.
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