ABCOMRENTS Adds Mediafly to its Customer Experience Arsenal

By Lindsey Tishgart | April 9, 2018


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ABCOMRENTS Adds Mediafly to its Customer Experience Arsenal

Mobile App Equips Company to Personalize Sales Interactions in Real-Time, and More

Chicago (April 9, 2018)ABCOMRENTS, the nation’s most innovative, fast-growing provider of IT & Digital Signage Solutions to the Rental & Staging Industry, announces its deployment of Mediafly, a multi-functional App that will be used throughout the company to manage and distribute marketing content, customize sales presentations, enable more valuable customer interactions, and measure results across a number of key performance parameters.

The company’s choice of Mediafly fits its progressive operating philosophy for both supplying the rental industry with cutting-edge technology solutions, and, delivering an unforgettable customer experience.

Headquartered in Chicago, with additional facilities in Las Vegas, Orlando, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio, ABCOMRENTS has experienced robust growth in its 29-year history. Its focus on providing a broad selection of digital signage and interactive solutions – including current and futuristic technologies – resulted, for example, in the recent, exclusive rental partnership with Microsoft to bring the Microsoft HoloLens to the rental industry.

“After seeing Mediafly’s many capabilities, we realized it could take us another step up as an innovator, while at the same time solving numerous, sales and marketing challenges for us – especially as we continue to grow,” says Sonny Goyal, Managing Director of ABCOMRENTS. “Hand-in-hand with bringing our customers event technologies of the future is our relentless emphasis on service. Using the Mediafly App is a visible proof point that furthers our own company story, and, puts our sales and marketing teams several steps ahead of our competitors.”

Why Mediafly?

Mediafly’s Evolved Selling™ Solution — used on smartphones, tablets and PCs, in the office or out in the field — is unique among ‘sales enablement’ software tools, because it provides multiple uses before, during and after sales presentations.

Most sales enablement software only offers functionality before or after the sales interaction. Mediafly assists in real-time, during sales calls, allowing company reps to fully customize sales presentations; upsell, cross-sell and show unplanned content in response to specific customer interests; add objective market insights to sales conversations; and, provide an overall more interactive – and therefore more valuable – customer experience. For enterprise CRM users, Mediafly offers the added benefit of instant data population and integration, making the App a critical time-saver for busy professionals.

One of the key reasons companies are excited about Mediafly is its ability to help sales reps tell customized selling stories.

“ABCOMRENTS provides innovative solutions to help companies deliver engaging digital technologies, such as touch screens, LED walls and the Microsoft HoloLens,” says Carson Conant, CEO and Founder of Mediafly. “Mediafly will help ABCOMRENTS’ sellers showcase all the various, innovative options and pivot their discussions in real-time, based on what resonates with the buyer, so the customer receives the ideal solution for their needs.”

ABCOMRENTS also supplies technology to Mediafly for its customer events. The two tech-savvy companies, their products and visions perfectly complement each other: both enable customers to lead in their fields.

For more information about ABCOMRENTS, visit, or contact:

As the leading provider of event technology solutions since 1989, ABCOMRENTS creates partnerships with clients in the Rental Industry to help them bring unique technology and full service solutions to their client base. The Company strategizes, designs, and implements full-service solutions, with innovative technology solutions, state-of-the-art tech rental equipment, and supporting infrastructure. ABCOMRENTS’ unparalleled service allows it to produce flawless technology-rich events. Contact ABCOMRENTS at or 630.253.9393.

About Mediafly
Mediafly, founded in 2006, is a Chicago-based sales enablement technology company serving Fortune 1000 organizations worldwide. Its cross-industry expertise and proprietary Evolved Selling™ Solution gives brands the power to enhance sales engagement with their customers. Internally, Mediafly also benefits marketing, IT and management by providing easy-to-use tools to manage all sales content formats and measure results. Leading companies including Charles Schwab, NxStage, PepsiCo, Disney, GE Healthcare, MillerCoors, and SC Johnson use Mediafly to evolve their sales execution. Contact Mediafly at or 312.281.5175, extension 1.

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