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What Is the Mediafly Solution?

Our sales technology solution provides you with the right content management tools, cloud security and mobile application to push the most relevant content to your reps in the field.

On demand up-to-date
sales content

Easy presentation

Interactive presentation

Real-time client-
specific data-insights

Effortless meeting

Manage and Distribute

Save time for sales reps so they can focus more on selling and less on administrative tasks.

  • Drag, drop and integrate content with existing solutions
  • Distribute multiple content formats, including PDF, audio, video, PPT, or extensions
  • Protect content with airtight security features

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managing content


Engage customers and prospects with a branded, device-agnostic sales app for an evolved customer selling experience.

  • Share content from your browser, iOS, Android and desktop apps
  • Tailor for industries such as tech, finance, and consumer goods (CPG)
  • Choose your level of customization

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Change static sales presentations into interactive conversations with customers.

  • Presentation tools built for in-person meetings (e.g., second screen, saveable annotations, highlighting)
  • Send and track follow-up content
  • Use calculators, guided selling and data visualization tools

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Interactive Content


Unlock metrics from the entirety of the sales cycle for actionable insights to improve future sales pitches.

  • Marketers can see how, when and where content gets used to understand what closes deals
  • Sales can find out what follow-up materials are most compelling
  • Automatically log what you presented into different CRMs like Salesforce, SAP Hybris C4C and Microsoft Dynamics

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analyzing content

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Evolved SellingTM Solution
Looking for Sales Enablement technology? Download The Evolved SellingTM experience, our new infographic, to learn how Mediafly's Evolved Selling solution can help you empower your sales reps to effectively engage today's buyer and drive revenue. x