Reimagining Revenue Enablement: A Look Back at Our Year of Product Innovations

By Elizabeth Jortberg | February 27, 2024

2023 was a big year for the enablement space defined by two key trends. First, the scope of enablement officially expanded beyond the sales team to encompass all members of the revenue team. We’ve entered into an era where customers are demanding a seamless experience and to deliver that every customer-facing team – from marketing and pre-sales all the way to customer success and retention – needs to be aligned and in sync. Second, we saw organizations start to re-evaluate their sales tech stacks in the wake of an uncertain economy, high inflation and shrinking budgets. 

All the while, our product team has been innovating to deliver new features and big improvements to the Mediafly platform. Let’s take a look at the innovations that were launched this past year. 

AI Actions

(Would it be a year-in-review blog if we didn’t mention generative AI?!) As GenAI swept the internet with the release and general adoption of chatGPT, Mediafly quickly identified where we could integrate this technology into our platform, delivering even more efficiency for our customers.

Users can now use generative AI in action prompts to configure AI-generated actions based on your CRM data. Here are just a few of the possibilities:

With AI actions, customers are automating tedious tasks that otherwise often go undone or are forgotten. 

Energy Score

Our Energy Scores got a major upgrade this past year. Our energy scores provide managers and reps a quick high-level snapshot of their deal, without them having to dig into the details. Now, it’s easier than ever to identify exactly what is speeding or stalling a deal.

We’ve added:

Imagine coming back from a long weekend, taking one glance at this report and instantly you’re caught up to speed. No more chasing down each rep to get an individual, biased report on what they’re working. It’s all right here.

Content Insights

In 2023, we took content insights to the next level by connecting traditional content insights like shares and views to CRM data. With this deeper integration, you can finally attribute content to revenue. 

Only 5% of a buyer’s time is spent meeting with a seller, which means content is more influential than ever before. Content is what keeps selling when you’re no longer in the room or on the Zoom. But what content is impacting revenue? At which stage? With which persona? 

Now you can see all the deals where a piece of content was presented or viewed to understand how content is being used in the sales process in the context of other activity, stage changes, and CRM details.

Take the product tour.

Content Metadata Management

Tagging pieces of content to the right topic, industry, stage, type, etc, etc. is exhausting and inefficient — so we made it simple.

Now, admins can bulk-update metadata on their content by exporting all content metadata into a spreadsheet, making changes, and then importing them back into Mediafly – making changes much faster and easier.

Metadata management helps to streamline the content management process and ensure content accuracy, setting both admins (no more messy content management system) and sellers up for success (more easily find content because it’s tagged properly).

For anyone who has succumbed to the idea that your content management system will eventually become a dumping ground for content no matter what you do, let this be a gamechanger. That may be the case with other systems, but not with Mediafly!

Value Selling Portal

2023 saw plenty of financial crackdown with budgets shrinking in the tight economy. Everyone basically stopped buying software. But if you were able to get through the ranks of an 8 person buying committee and land your deal on the desk of the CFO, it didn’t matter if you didn’t have a rock solid business case proving your value and expected ROI.

By now, most people understand the value of value selling. It’s helped our customers 6x their win rate. But how do you get your value selling program from a small initiative with individual value consultants or engineers supporting every sales call to a team of 500+ self-sufficient sellers?

This year, we released a single experience to do just that. The new experience provides a branded value selling portal to find the new value tool and enablement videos to learn how to use the value tool and how to personalize and share the business case output report. 

Reps go through the steps, guided by the tool set up for them to collect the relevant data and transform it into a compelling business case sure to get the deal done.

Take the product tour.

Multilingual Support

One of the most important things to consider if you’re a large, global organization is how easy it is to administer one system across many geographic locations. The importance of multilingual support can not be overstated.

This allows customers to expand their global reach, provide personalized customer experiences no matter the language, and break down language barriers.

Say you’re selling to a business in another country. It’s hard enough to communicate your value, try doing it in another language. With Mediafly, you can trust our translations will enable better self-service discovery. Because your value selling tool can be translated into your prospect’s language, they can fill it out themselves, helping to deliver the message accurately.

While 2023 was packed with innovation, 2024 is shaping up to be even better. Stick around because each quarter we’ll be sharing our latest and greatest product updates. 

Elizabeth is the Product Marketing Manager at Mediafly, responsible for product marketing initiatives across Mediafly’s entire revenue enablement platform. Elizabeth is passionate about bringing products to market through strategic positioning, customer-centric value propositions, and creative marketing campaigns.

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