Introducing a New Value Selling Experience from Mediafly

By Dan Sixsmith & Elizabeth Jortberg | November 8, 2023

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There are a number of reasons large, global enterprises stand up value selling initiatives – it’s not just about ROI. Sales is harder than it’s ever been. Today’s buyers only spend 5% of their time with your seller, and are already 70% through their buying research when they start talking to reps. Coupled with longer sales cycles, increased scrutiny from departments like finance, and less time with buyers, financial justification and C-Suite approval are no longer a nice to have, but a must have. This is highlighted in data where we found high-performing organizations are 38% more likely to use business assessments than low-performers, and the Rain Group found that 66% of buyers say making a clear ROI case highly influences their purchasing decisions.

Many of our customers turn to value selling for one or more of these reasons:

Once effectively implemented there are many benefits to value selling at scale:

All of this takes form in a business case or value assessment. With business cases as the top ranked confidence booster among buyers, value selling has become a no-brainer for modern Revenue and Enablement leaders.


These benefits drive efficient growth, but can’t be realized if the value selling methodology and tools don’t get used. Sales managers have to be held accountable for coaching their reps to lead with value. While reps with effective coaching are 63% more likely to be top performers, only 42% of sellers say their sales managers are held accountable for coaching.

That’s why I’m so excited about our new value selling experience.

For the first time ever, revenue leaders have a single place to execute everything they need to make their value selling initiative a success.

The new value selling experience has all the essentials to scale value selling programs:

All where the value tools and business cases live.

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Here’s how it works:

  1. Reps log into an intuitive and engaging portal, specific to their role/team.
  2. They see a new value tool you’ve published.
  3. They see all available training and enablement content on how to use the new value tool, including video walkthroughs.
  4. They consume all of this enablement content and are prepared to use the value tool effectively.
  5. They open the value tool and fill it out with their customer.
  6. They get a templatized, visually appealing business case output report.
  7. They share the business case with their customer.
  8. The customer circulates the business case within their organization.
  9. The rep sees all engagement analytics on the business case.

With Mediafly, revenue leaders enable business case development at scale, in a single experience:

Mediafly’s new value selling experience is available now. See how you can speed deal cycles and boost win rate with value selling.

Dan is a results-achieving leader with a passion for value selling solutions. With extensive experience as a sales leader, marketing leader, and expertise in leading strategic consulting and value engineering teams, Dan has honed skills in driving revenue growth, building strong customer relationships, and delivering impactful business outcomes.

Dan has been dedicated to helping organizations transform their sales approach and elevate their performance through the power of value selling. By understanding the unique needs and pain points of customers, Dan has consistently developed innovative strategies that align products and services with customer value, ultimately driving customer satisfaction, loyalty, and bottom-line results. As a sales leader, Dan has successfully guided and mentored high-performing teams, empowering them to exceed targets and consistently deliver exceptional results.

Elizabeth is the Product Marketing Manager at Mediafly, responsible for product marketing initiatives across Mediafly’s entire revenue enablement platform. Elizabeth is passionate about bringing products to market through strategic positioning, customer-centric value propositions, and creative marketing campaigns.

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