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3 Ways to Increase CRM Adoption with Sales Enablement Technology

By Tony Kavadas| April 30, 2019

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Combine CRM with a sales enablement platform to put your content to work

CRMAdoption_image1-750x750 According to Forrester Research, when properly integrated, CRM ROI can exceed a whopping 245%.

The impact of CRM on the sales process – starting as early as the 80’s – is undeniable. Its early life as a sales force automation (SFA) tool seems unfathomable today, given our reliance on CRM data to understand customers and prospects. Yet, CRM has faced a non-negotiable evolution along the way – much like the sales process – in an increasingly changed, digital buyer journey. As sellers focus on more meaningful buyer interactions with less time to do so, they are more resistant to CRM adoption because of its reputation for manual usage requirements and incomplete, stale data. The next stage of evolution in CRM’s long success story, to remain a well-adopted software investment, is integration with a mobile sales enablement platform.

Is CRM Considered Sales Enablement?

Good question. Sure, you’ll find definitions of sales enablement that solely point to CRM. But a holistic sales enablement strategy, that includes CRM, provides contextually relevant, accessible, customizable, and shareable content that tells a value story for the buyer – one in which the benefits are actually quantifiable.

Combine Content Management with CRM: Shorten Sales Cycles and Increase Sales Effectiveness

CRMAdoption_image2-750x750 Nearly 70% of sellers’ time is spent not selling

Getting the most out of CRM starts with automating the process of using it. After all, tools are only effective if people are actually seeing value. By integrating CRM into a mobile sales enablement technology tool, data is automatically captured and analyzed, enabling reps to track each individual sales interaction with limited effort.

Efficiency-minded leaders have long touted the benefits of CRM as a key driver of a company’s success. But improving existing CRM adoption rates among reps (just 26%) [Salesforce] starts with changing its labor-intensive reputation, which is assumed to take time away from selling. Uniquely, the integration of CRM and an AI-powered sales enablement technology can make both reps and leadership happy. Sellers enjoy seamless meeting follow-ups, that include automated insights into what to do or what content to send to the buyer next. At the same time, management gains actionable insights into what works (and what doesn’t) throughout the full lifecycle of a sale.

Combining CRM and sales enablement can elevate rep performance even more, particularly as part of an AI-powered platform that provides interactive presentation tools and the ability to automatically quantify ROI for buyers. If integrated properly, CRM can improve the lives of your salespeople, rather than create more work for them, in turn driving user adoption and increasing your return on investment by leaps and bounds.

3 Ways to Increase CRM Adoption with Sales Enablement Technology
Monetize sales content to directly impact revenue

1) Leverage Automation to Reduce Sales Admin Time

  • Reduce sales data-entry time by automatically tracking content used in meetings and directly attaching notes to the opportunity or contact record
  • Stop wasting hours sifting through a database to find the most up-to-date, on-brand content. Instead, get access to contextually relevant content – wherever you are – whether online or off within a format-diverse, mobile sales enablement tool
  • Instead of building a new deck for every customer, easily customize presentations for unique buyers and pivot in the moment to lead more value-driven discussions that address specific challenges or goals

2) Measure Content Sales Effectiveness and Elevate Rep Performance

  • Optimize your sales process for more won business, instead of just pulling reports about where sales deals are in the pipeline. Better understand HOW your team is closing deals
  • Evaluate what’s moving deals forward and conversely, what stalls them
  • Tie ROI back to content throughout the sales process. Capture which materials are used at which stage of the sales cycle
  • Focus more on content that is proven to create value for your prospective buyer and propel them along the buying journey
  • Produce more effective content that sales will value (and use!)

3) Improve Internal Workflows

  • Prepare, present, and follow up on meetings more easily with one platform for content and data
  • Improve collaboration and alignment between sales and marketing
  • Draw data-driven conclusions about which materials are appropriate for each unique sales interaction based on industry, buyer persona or opportunity stage
  • Allows sellers to be more effective in meetings and replicate success while offering the buyer relevant information that addresses their needs

If integrated with sales enablement technology properly, CRM can not only provide your customers with a better buying experience but drive measurable business growth. To learn more about how Mediafly can help drive CRM adoption to increase sales effectiveness with a mobile sales enablement platform, visit

Mediafly was recently recognized by SAP’s annual SAP Pinnacle Award program, which acknowledges the contributions of leading SAP partners that have excelled in developing and growing their partnership with SAP and helping customers meet their goals. Specifically, Mediafly was awarded as a finalist in the SAP App Center Partner of the Year, which recognizes the independent software vendor (ISV) that is an SAP partner has created a world-class solution and has contributed a significant amount of revenue to SAP, with a solid track record of customer success and a solid business plan for continued partnership success. Attending SAP CX Live? Visit us at Booth #203 to learn more.

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