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Mediafly Acquires iPresent

Mediafly has acquired iPresent Ltd. to become the first major player in the sales enablement space to offer all sales teams, regardless of size, maturity, or geography, an easy, affordable, and risk-free entry point into enterprise-grade sales enablement technology

Sales enablement technology has been proven to increase quota attainment by 32% (Sales Hacker), improve lead conversion rates by 23% (Sales Hacker), and drive up to 66% more revenue (Forrester Consulting study, commissioned by Mediafly). But from small businesses to large enterprises, most companies (more than 93%!) are still struggling to get started with sales enablement. They’re experiencing the same pains as the PepsiCos and Goldman Sachs of the world, but deploying sales enablement technology at much lower rates. They recognize their buyers have changed, expectations are mounting, and they need to sell differently to address that, but too often, we see these companies stall their decision to purchase sales enablement technology – or worse, make no decision at all.

The Benefits of Sales Enablement

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Boost in Quota Attainment *

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Increase in Lead Conversion Rates *

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More Revenue **

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* Sales Hacker
** Forrester Consulting study, commissioned by Mediafly

Are you struggling to start with Sales Enablement? (This scenario probably sounds familiar.)

You’ve just launched a new product. You’ve hired a small salesforce, onboarded everyone in a classroom, and sent them out into the field to start selling. But you hit a snag. Sales fall flat and you’re left to wonder. Why are your reps spending so much time finding and personalizing content and so little time actually selling? Why can’t your marketers pinpoint what content actually works? Why are your reps forgetting important information? Why don’t your sales presentations resonate with buyers and compel them to purchase? And, most importantly, where do you go from here?

A sophisticated sales enablement solution can help you solve each of these challenges, but after spending the time and resources to build a business case, your stakeholders come back with a hard and fast “no” – too much work, too complex, too expensive, too risky. Would anyone even use it? If only there were an easy, affordable way to get started.

Now, there is an easy option

We’ve acquired iPresent to bring easy, affordable and risk-free, enterprise-grade sales enablement to companies and sales teams of any size. Only Mediafly empowers you to get your sales application up and running in a matter of hours with a monthly subscription (payable by credit card) and use the return on investment you see to make a compelling case for the prioritization of sales enablement initiatives moving forward. Our future-proof platform enables you to add advanced functionality like value selling calculators, sales readiness, or customized sales applications as your business grows or needs evolve. And what’s more, we’re a true partner for the entirety of your sales enablement journey – someone to take you as far and fast as you want to go, whether you have five users or 50,000+.

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Carson_hs-1-750x750 Quotemark There is a huge opportunity for sales teams out there. We’re at a point in time where everyone is at least thinking about sales enablement, but for too many, it feels like an expensive, enterprise decision with a lot of risks. It’s our vision to deliver a platform accessible to all sales teams by eliminating the roadblocks to get started. Through the acquisition of iPresent, Mediafly is now the first major player in the space to offer sales teams of any size an easy, affordable, and risk-free entry point into sales enablement technology. From there, we can move them as far and fast as they want to go with next-generation sales tools and advisory services proven to improve buyer engagement and increase revenue. Now, a 5-person sales team or a 50,000+ team has a single solution for every stage of their sales enablement journey. QuoteMarks2

Carson Conant, CEO and founder, Mediafly

PeterOstrow-1-750x750 Quotemark “No one can dispute the pressures placed upon b-to-b sellers given an increasingly complex buying ecosystem and demanding buyer. Ensuring that sellers have the skills, knowledge, and access to assets that drive consultative buyer interactions is imperative, regardless of the size of the organization supporting the seller. Simplifying points of entry for both users and administrators of sales enablement technology solutions is a strong way to empower that process.” QuoteMarks2

Peter Ostrow, Senior Research Director, Sales Enablement Strategies, SiriusDecisions

KeithHS-750x750 Quotemark “More and more businesses are beginning to develop a Sales Enablement strategy, but until now no single supplier has had a range of tools to support all sales teams whatever their size, complexity, and growth aspirations. With our combined capabilities, Mediafly will be the sales enablement solution provider of choice for all companies. Our easy-to-use, interactive user interface combined with Mediafly’s focus on enterprise-grade solutions brings the best of both worlds to the sales enablement industry and has the flexibility to evolve with our customers – combating the solutions of competitors that are limited to serving only SMBs or enterprise-grade organizations.” QuoteMarks2

Keith Parrish, CEO of iPresent, incoming Mediafly EVP of European Operations

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