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Sales Enablement For All


Mediafly is pleased to announce that we have completed our acquisition of iPresent Ltd. We’re excited to join forces to provide sales enablement for all – helping companies and sales teams of any size, in any geography, better engage customers, improve sales productivity, and win more deals. As a leader in sales enablement technology, we pledge our continued commitment to enabling our customers’ success.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Who is Mediafly?

    Mediafly is a Chicago-based Sales Enablement and Content Management solution provider that increases the efficiency and effectiveness of marketers and sellers for improved buyer engagement. Our technology combines AI-powered automation, seamless CRM integration, in-depth content usage analytics, and support for virtually any content type to ensure your solution is flexible and scalable enough to meet your needs today and grow with your business along your sales enablement journey. Our best-in-class advisory services ensure your sales content and sales enablement technology are optimized to meet your unique challenges for the greatest return on your investment. We service Fortune 1000 clients across multiple categories.

  2. Who is iPresent?

    With offices in the UK and US, iPresent is one of the first European companies to provide a self-serve suite of smart sales enablement tools empowering salespeople to deliver more engaging sales presentations, increase productivity, and close more deals. The company has clients big and small with a predominance of mid-size companies.

  3. Why did Mediafly acquire iPresent Ltd.?

    Generally speaking, companies acquire or merge with other companies to accomplish any or all of three main goals:

    • Add new customers
    • Expand geographical footprint (better support)
    • Add new product and service capabilities

    Mediafly’s acquisition of iPresent is no exception. At Mediafly, we’re dedicated to meeting companies where they’re at on their sales enablement journey today and working together with them towards a state of Evolved Selling™. While historically, our solutions have been best suited to customers in the mid to Enterprise categories, this acquisition allows us to provide sales enablement for all – empowering companies or sales teams of any size, anywhere in the world with sophisticated sales enablement tools for improved buyer engagement, increased revenue, and more deals won.

    Mediafly’s acquisition of iPresent increases accessibility to advanced sales enablement technology including AI and Machine Learning, interactive value selling tools (e.g. ROI calculators), and customized sales applications for small companies or sales teams at the onset of their sales transformation. With an affordable, self-serve model (payable by monthly credit card subscription), creating a differentiating sales experience has never been easier.

    Conversely, when combined with Mediafly’s enterprise-grade capabilities, iPresent’s intuitive user interface will better scale to meet the sophisticated needs of large companies.

    We’re excited to welcome the iPresent team on board and continue to build on our “best-in-class” selling experience for companies and sales teams of any size together.

  4. What will change at Mediafly?

    Moving forward, Mediafly will employ all 22 of iPresent’s existing employees, including Keith Parrish, CEO at iPresent, and Neil Bostrom, CTO at iPresent. Keith will assume the role of EVP, European Operations at Mediafly, and Neil will join Mediafly’s engineering team. In addition to growing our European presence, the acquisition of iPresent will enable Mediafly to enhance out-of-box capabilities for a more animated and easily configurable user experience.

  5. What does this mean for iPresent?

    iPresent is now a Mediafly company and will merge operations with Mediafly over the coming months. Keith Parrish, CEO at iPresent, will assume the role of EVP, European Operations, while Neil Bostrom, CTO at iPresent, will join Mediafly’s Engineering staff. The iPresent team will continue to build standout sales enablement tools and deliver them via an easy-to-navigate, self-serve model (payable my monthly credit card subscription). Current iPresent customers will see enhancements to existing functionality as a result of the merger, including advanced permissioning, further content management customization, and new integration capabilities.

  6. How does this impact existing Mediafly customers?

    Current Mediafly customers will see no changes to existing subscriptions or service level agreements. Over time, they will see notable innovations, including a more easily configurable user interface, more animated user experience, and support for PowerPoint transitions.

  7. How does this impact existing iPresent customers?

    iPresent customers will see no changes to existing subscriptions. The Mediafly acquisition will future-proof their existing sales enablement investments, offering iPresent customers access to advanced sales enablement capabilities and advisory services as their companies and sales teams continue to grow.

  8. What are the added benefits of a Mediafly-iPresent merger?

    Mediafly and iPresent have come together to provide sales enablement for all. This acquisition positions us as the first major player in the space to offer sales teams of any size or maturity an easy, affordable, and risk-free point of entry into sales enablement technology.

    The merger of Mediafly and iPresent will allow us to marry Mediafly’s advanced permissioning, content management customization, and integration capabilities with iPresent’s exceptional user interface and self-service model. Additionally, the acquisition expands Mediafly’s European presence, allowing us to build upon our white glove post-sale support model across the globe.

    The merger of Mediafly and iPresent will enable Mediafly to truly meet companies wherever they are on their sales enablement journey – whether they are looking for an easy way to start or to take their sales transformation to the next level of sophistication – and help advance them towards a state of Evolved Selling.

  9. Where can I find more information about new product offerings resulting from the acquisition of iPresent?

    To learn more about Mediafly’s acquisition of iPresent Ltd. and our plans for the future, please visit our blog and press release.

  10. Who should I contact if I want to learn more?

    If you’re an iPresent customer or prospective client and would like to learn more about how Mediafly can help you quickly and successfully go to market with sophisticated sales enablement tools, contact us.

    Existing Mediafly customers seeking expansions or enhancements to their current Mediafly sales applications should continue to work through their Mediafly Sales Representatives or Customer Success Managers. Thank you!

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