New Product Release: The Industry’s Most Flexible Value Selling Platform

By Elizabeth Jortberg | March 13, 2024

Ready to make every rep a value seller? Today we’re making it happen. We’re talking more templates. More use cases. More opportunities to infuse value at every stage of the sales process. And the best part? It’s easy to use.

From navigating technical discovery to explaining pricing, aligning outcomes and scope of work to securing executive sponsorship and creating urgency — selling WITH your buyers and enabling your champions has never been easier.

Let’s break it down. 

What’s changing? Let’s challenge the status quo. Traditionally, companies have treated business cases as merely another checkbox on the list. However, this approach overlooks a critical truth: building a business case isn’t just a task — it’s the very heartbeat of revenue generation. Especially in today’s intricate B2B sales cycles where influencing the buying process reigns supreme, every action should orbit around crafting a compelling business case. 

Also a reminder, it’s not your business case, it’s your customer’s. Remember it has to be personal. It has to speak to their unique pains, their unique objectives, and use their language. Getting a seller to communicate this way on their own has never been easy. 

To do it effectively, they have to:

And they’ve been asked to do it with a spreadsheet, a word doc template, and possibly, if they’re lucky, an overworked value management office that generally only works a small fraction of the deals. 

Revenue teams need a better way. That’s why we’re here.

Now you can:

Empowering Technical Sellers with Value Selling

One of the biggest opportunities for value selling lies in technical selling. You can quickly create tools to help reps have value-led conversations with highly technical buyers at every part of the sales cycle. 

Let’s play out this scenario…

Imagine you just started a new role as a sales rep at an enterprise tech company. Here are just a few of the expectations placed on you include:

Understand the technology:

Bridge the knowledge gap:

Navigate the sales cycle:

It’s a lot! This has contributed to the increase in technical sales roles – sales engineers, value engineers, business value consultants – who are hired to support sellers in technical conversations. But if every sale is a technical sale, that doesn’t scale.

You need to enable every seller to be a technical seller. With Mediafly, you can.

How Mediafly’s Value Selling Platform Works

  1. Identify your use cases: Do you need to build multiple specific tools to predict business impact for a product in different industries? Do you want to build a tool for customer success teams to quantify realized value in QBR meetings? One tool does not fit all.
  1. Build the template: Design the step-by-step process your team will take to collect key inputs. This becomes a branded, guided survey that your team fills out with the buyer. You want to replicate the interview a technical seller conducts with the buyer.
  1. Apply your use cases: Apply the specific use cases to your template. These become a set of multiple, specific value tools that cater to each use case, like different industries. By using a template, you can build more specific value tools faster, and scale your value program to address all use cases.
  1. Set up the logic: Set up complex logic in just a few clicks that will transform the collected data into its desired output. This makes the technical stuff easy to understand, bridging the knowledge gap between the technical and non-technical audiences.
  1. Upload the output file type: Create your branded, output file. The data will be transformed into this format. This will become the business case that gets circulated through the organization to prove your value. It’s personalized and specific with customer priorities, straight from the buyer’s mouth.
  1. Enable reps: Train reps to use the self-service tool with customers to guide the conversation and collect data. This enables your entire team to act as technical sellers and truly allows you to scale. Your traditional technical sellers can and will still support the largest, most complex deals and help to build tools and train the team on how to use them effectively. You’re not replacing people, you’re scaling their impact!

With this new release, you can support multiple use cases at every stage of the sales cycle. This means your team sells on real customer value from the start. By asking the right questions in discovery, you can tailor your pitch to the customer’s specific business drivers. Carry that with you throughout the sales cycle, constantly referring back to their specific words. And, when you finally land the deal on the desk of the CFO, breeze through with your rock solid business case that ties your product directly to business impact.

And the best part? Sales reps can do it all themselves with a simple tool.

Here’s what a full scale value selling program can look like:

Sales StageTool TypeInput
(info collected from customers)
(what’s shared with customers)
MarketingWeb-Based Lead CaptureBusiness Challenges/Priorities, Financial MetricsBenefits/ROI Estimated
Pre-SaleDiscoveryBusiness Challenges/PrioritiesHigh Level Assessment
Pre-SaleMaturity AssessmentBusiness CompetenciesBenchmark Report
Mid-SaleBusiness Value/
Financial MetricsBenefits/Business Case
Post-SaleValue RealizationKPIsQBR Deck

Value selling tools are the secret weapon to higher win rates, faster sales cycles, and larger deal sizes. Take it from Doug May, Value Acceleration Executive and former Mediafly customer:

“The work we did with Mediafly at both Splunk and Databricks proved that whether an AE used a Business Value Consultant OR our self-service value assessment application, the win rate increased more than 5x. This stark truth, along with the easy to use UI, made it easy for sellers to get value on the table in their deals and realize a huge increase in their win rates.”

Hear more from Doug on our upcoming webinar, The Blueprint to 5x Your Win Rate & Scale Value Selling.

Your competitors are already taking advantage of value selling, especially if you have a:

If traditional methods of selling just aren’t cutting it anymore, it might be time to take a look at value selling. Talk to us!

Elizabeth is the Product Marketing Manager at Mediafly, responsible for product marketing initiatives across Mediafly’s entire revenue enablement platform. Elizabeth is passionate about bringing products to market through strategic positioning, customer-centric value propositions, and creative marketing campaigns.

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