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The Blueprint to 5X Your Win Rate & Scale Value Selling

Buying decisions are often made behind closed doors, leaving sellers out of the loop. Equip your sellers to turn buyers into champions and enable them with value-centric content that drives deals even when you’re not in the room.

Dan Sixsmith

SVP, Value Enablement at Mediafly

Doug May

SVP, Productivity at Harness


Explore proven strategies employed by Doug May at companies like Databricks, Datadog and Splunk to increase win rates 5x, scale value selling efforts and turn buyers into incredible champions. He’ll uncover how to shape internal buying conversations, secure buy-in from large committees and executives, and integrate value selling seamlessly into your sales process and culture. Whether you’re embarking on your initial journey with value selling or navigating its expansion across hundreds or even thousands of sellers, join us as we discuss key principles to transforming champions into allies.

In this session, you’ll learn how to:
  • Build confident champions through collaboration with your buyers
  • Automate the creation of value content to empower sellers
  • Secure buy-in from large buying committees & executives
  • Integrate business cases into your sales process & culture
  • Expand value selling across your organization

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