Delivering a Value Mindset, Skillset and Toolset: Mediafly and Value Selling Associates Exclusive Partnership

By Tom Pisello | March 25, 2021

Your prospects and customers are under more pressure, dealing with uncertainty, risk aversion and economic scrutiny.
As a result of the crisis and current conditions …
53% of buyers have reprioritized their spending across all categories (Gartner)
38% have put in place a spending freeze putting a halt to all proposed purchases (Gartner)
• Almost 40% of all buying journeys now end in “No Decision” (Challenger)

Sellers need to counter “No Decision” by proactively communicating and quantifying the value of proposed solutions. But this is not always easy for sellers to do.

Recent research shows that although 66% of buyers want your sellers to effectively articulate value and that doing so would make a significant impact on their purchase decision making, only 16% of sellers are perceived effective at value communication and quantification. (Rain Group).
Clearly there is a Value Gap, between what a buyer wants and needs, an outcome focused approach, and what a typical seller is currently delivering.

To address this challenge, a seller needs the right Toolset with ValueStory®, but also an elevated Skillset and Mindset in order to better understand and deliver a more evolved customer value engagement experience.

We have exclusively partnered with Value Selling Associates to provide the sales training to enable this evolved value Skillset and Mindset, offering your sellers and partners with the on-line sales training class eValueSelling Fundamentals.

This partnership was created by two ex-Gartner leaders: Julie Thomas, the Value Selling expert, and Tom Pisello, the ROI Guy.
The Value Selling Associates training is available bundled anew or as an add on to your existing or new ValueStory powered program from Mediafly. And Value Selling Associates recommends the ValueStory toolset to its customers to help better instrument, adopt and maximize their value training programs.
Checkout the announcement here:
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