A digital-first present prioritizes personalized B2B buyer experiences

By Emma Calderon | December 13, 2021

Editors note: A Digital-First Present Prioritizes Personalized B2B Buyer Experiences is a guest article written by our friends at Qualified. Enjoy!

We have officially arrived at the digital-first present and personalized B2B buyer experiences are a requirement. We’ve been making our way here—the pandemic happened to expedite our timeline.

We can track changes in buyer behavior, we understand how the buying journey has shifted, and we can even ascertain the best ways to engage folks…and when. What’s remained consistent, though, throughout this shift, is the relentless need to focus on personalization. 

Per Forrester, B2B buyers are overwhelmed with content: 61% of vendors offer too much material, over 50% of said material is extraneous, and the majority of websites are presenting content in a way that actually forces folks to click away from the website. 

A B2B seller’s primary focus should be serving up solutions that solve a customer’s pain points. Now more than ever, it’s critical to create a personalized B2B buyer experience to set customers up for success to become a champion for your solution and brand. One of the most effective, best ways to personalize the B2B buyer journey is to implement a conversational sales and marketing strategy.

Get Started Creating Personalized B2B Buyer Experiences

Get started by creating contextual and personalized B2B buyer experiences. Solutions like Mediafly and Qualified, a conversational sales and marketing platform, can help. While Mediafly enables your sellers to curate personalized content collections for buyers pre and post-meeting and surface the most relevant content for a given opportunity in real-time, Qualified connects your sales reps with VIPs, in real-time, using live chat, voice calls, and chatbots. 

The Qualified XForce platform empowers your reps to cut through the noise and focus on your most important visitors. Sellers can see everyone who’s on your site at any given moment, then zero in on the visitors that fit your prospect’s unique buying criteria.

This type of sales intelligence enables your teams to serve up bespoke, custom content that actually moves a buyer along in their decision-making. One-to-one conversations can occur right on your website—right as your prospect is eager for more information, or needs that final detail to help sway the decision-maker. 

Experience #1: The Open Opportunity Fast Lane

The Open Opportunity Fast Lane is your baseline “all-hands-on-deck” Experience. You have a known visitor on your site that’s tied to an Account with an open Opportunity. Time to activate!

Skip the bot and get this visitor routed directly to your sales team for the white-glove treatment. Use this experience all across your website for contacts associated with an open opportunity. Don’t forget to create Routing rules to make sure this person gets directly teed up with the Opportunity owner for a productive, contextual conversation.

Deals progress when conversations happen—leverage the magic moment when your opportunity is on your site!

Experience #2: The Outbound Email

A well-created outbound email is simply *chef’s kiss.* It’s a work of art, it’s a labor of love—and the feeling you get when a recipient is so compelled to not only open the email but click through to your site? It’s the Super Bowl of B2B marketing!

Capitalize on these wins with an Outbound Email Experience. Qualified recognizes years from outbound email campaigns. Outreach + Qualified is a match made in a seller’s dreams! 

You can configure this experience across your website and alert the proper sales rep the moment the email recipient arrives on-site. Give your SDR team more at-bats to book a meeting and have a conversation right on your website.

Bonus: You can include links to content in your Mediafly sales app for even deeper insights into what interests your buyer so you can offer an even more personalized B2B buyer experience at your next sales interaction.

Experience #3: The Competitive Advantage

Crush your competition with The Competitive Advantage Experience. The success of this experience hinges on compelling, custom greetings. Then, it provides multiple paths for prospects to understand why your product is superior. This personalized B2B buyer experience could feature content that explains how to migrate from one tool to another, customer testimonials, or feature differentiation information. 

This is table stakes for any dedicated competitive landing pages. It’s also the perfect landing page for any competitive ads you may have in-market. These experiences can serve as the ultimate tipping point for getting a deal to the finish line.

For more tips on how to create a personalized B2B buyer experience, visit us at Qualified.com.

Emma Calderon is the Director of Content Marketing at Qualified, responsible for digital content and communications. Emma joined Qualified from Salesforce, where she ran communications for the Global Enablement organization. Emma attended Santa Clara University, majoring in English and earned her MsC in Communication from Northwestern University.

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