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Enterprise Users Prefer Mobile Apps vs. Mobile Web

An eMarketer article from last August reports some very interesting statistics on the difference in behaviors and engagement levels for different mobile activities. The article, titled Smartphone Users Most Engaged with Ads While Shopping, discusses mobile users’ reactions to ads. Relevant to Mediafly, the article highlights how smartphone users prefer native apps versus mobile websites/browsers

Mediafly's Predictions for 2012

We at Mediafly have a unique perspective on media consumption.  We have straddled consumer- and business-targeted media the entire year, and our conversations with customers and peers have given us a unique perspective on what each kind of customer wants.  Looking back, our predictions were fairly accurate, though they were made in private. This year

An important update about OnAir

Dear OnAir user, Since 2006, Mediafly has maintained OnAir, Mediafly’s podcast management system, as a free service. Millions of users worldwide have used OnAir on over 20 different device platforms. Mediafly has grown as a company with the tremendous help and support of users like you. In late 2009, Mediafly began serving enterprise customers using

Introducing the Mediafly HTML5 Player

We are proud to announce the availability of the Mediafly HTML5 Player. After months of development, we have opened the Mediafly HTML5 Player as a “beta” application for users of our OnAir podcast aggregation platform. HTML5 is an important technology. It has the potential to dramatically simplify video playback, improve web application user interfaces, and

No Surprises Here: Consumers Hate Video Buffering

With millions of users using Mediafly products to watch video on their smartphones, tablets, PCs and connected TVs, we understand what makes them happy.  We know that a clean, compelling interface that gets out of the way of great content and high-quality video is the key to a viewer’s heart.  Throw up confusing, outlandish interfaces,

Mediafly powers SmartTV, 24x7 linear channels for consumers

Entertainment Studios (ES) is the largest independent producer and distributor of first-run, syndicated television programming for broadcast television stations. Founded in 1993 by stand-up comedian Byron Allen, Entertainment Studios owns six 24-hour HD networks today (Cars.TV, Pets.TV, Recipe.TV, Comedy.TV, MyDestination.TV, and ES.TV), with many more on the way. The Television division produces, distributes, and sells

YouTube For The Enterprise

YouTube Is For Customers Google’s YouTube has made online video ubiquitous – on the web, on your phone, on your TV, and more. It is a wonderful, free service… for the right user. YouTube is built for the consumer. Videos that line up with your interests are right next to videos of cats playing pianos.

HTML5 Is Not A Video Panacea

We receive a lot of questions from customers about HTML5.  Most people who deal with video regularly in their business have heard that HTML5 supports a simple <video> tag.  Simply drop that tag into your page, and you’ve got a full-fledged video player, ready to go and able to be played on every modern web

Dropbox and Video Are Not A Good Fit

  Dropbox is a phenomenal service.  Over 25 million users agree. We use the service extensively within Mediafly for file transfer and syncing of non-sensitive files, and it has become a part of our daily production workflow. Most of our partners and customers use Dropbox as well, to shuttle files back and forth with us. In fact, several

Jimmy Kimmel Live Partners with Mediafly

  JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE! NEW MOBILE APPLICATION NOW AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” and Mediafly have partnered to create the “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” mobile application, now available for download on iOS. Launched during the “Jimmy Kimmel Live: After the Academy Awards” special, which premiered the now viral videos featuring Tom Hanks in “Toddlers and

HTTP Live Streaming and Android

Google finalized Android 3.0 (“Honeycomb”)’s SDK only last week.  Also last week, Motorola released the Xoom, the first Android 3.0 tablet, and a number of other manufacturers have announced their own Android 3.0 tablets. One of the key missing features of the Android platform had been the support of HTTP Live Streaming (also known as HLS).    HLS is a media

Mediafly Extends the Reach of Metatron's i-Mobilize Apps

SOURCE: Metatron, Inc. DOVER, DE – (Marketwire – February 25, 2011) – Metatron, Inc. Metatron’s i-Mobilize has entered into an agreement with Mediafly Inc, a private Chicago-based software company, to provide secure distribution of the vast i-Mobilize media portfolio to virtually any device. Mediafly delivers optimized applications on the broadest range of devices of any