On-Demand Webinar

Manufacturing Success
in 2022 and Beyond:
An Interactive Webcast 
with the Experts

A lot has changed in the manufacturing space over the past two years, and 2022 will continue to bring about new challenges and unique opportunities around automation & digitization, supply chain optimization, and workforce management.

Watch on-demand to see Chad Moutray, Chief Economist for the National Association of Manufacturers, and John Heald, Global VP at SAP Customer Experience discuss their latest research into:

  • The challenges manufacturers are facing now, what they’ll see in 2022, and how to overcome them
  • How to boost productivity and fuel automation with the adoption of technology
  • Creative ways to address the labor shortage and lower overall labor costs
  • The impact of digitization on the selling, onboarding, and service functions

Chad Moutray, Ph.D., CBE

Chief Economist, National Association of Manufacturers & Director, Center for Manufacturing Research, The Manufacturing Institute

John Heald

Global Vice President SAP Customer Experience, Core CRM

Awards & Accolades