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Tuesday, November 14th | 1 pm CT

How to overcome sales objections with Value Selling

Sales objections are a universal challenge, and act as the gatekeepers to sales wins. Unlock successful deals by mastering objections with value selling.

Join experts in value-based selling to guide you to overcome universal sales challenges and scaling techniques for widespread success.

You’ll learn:

  • Proven techniques to tackle objections such as pricing, competition, and skepticism.
  • How a value-centric approach can lead to higher close rates, increased deal sizes, and enhanced customer loyalty.
  • Techniques for training and empowering your sales teams to apply value selling methods.
  • How to help champions make the case internally with other stakeholders using  value.
  • How to implement value-centric selling at scale.

Dan Sixmith

SVP Sales Enablement,

Jeff Collins

SVP Global Business Value
Engineering, Coupa

Julie Thomas

President and CEO,
ValueSelling Associates

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