How Sellers Harness the Power of Storytelling to Get Buyers to Say YES!

Listen in on a typical customer conversation, and your sellers are likely falling short.

Buyers report that 71% of sellers are still pitching their company, products, and services, instead of addressing their buyer’s challenges and potential business value outcomes. As a result, they don’t get a call back, differentiate from the competition, or win the business. Good sales isn’t about a sales pitch, but about value storytelling.

Storytelling means leading your prospect to pains worth addressing, and sharing how your solution is the key to “happily ever after”. Telling a story rather than delivering a typical sales pitch can mean the difference between sales success, and “do nothing” failure.

In this session, Tom Pisello will illustrate the power of storytelling and its ability to convince your buyer to say “YES!” In this session, you will learn why:

  • Traditional sales pitches don’t cut it anymore
  • Storytelling works and the science behind it
  • An effective value storytelling framework helps move prospects from doing nothing to saying “YES!”

Harness the Power of Storytelling