Windstream UCaaS and CCaaS

Articulating the value of unified communication and contact center as-a-service

Windstream needed a way to convince business execs and IT leaders that there was great business value in replacing legacy on-premises unified communications and contact center solutions, especially with new as-a-service offerings from Windstream.

However, prospects were skeptical, and sales reps were needing tools to clearly and credibly articulate the costs and lost opportunity from legacy solutions, as well as potential business improvements from Windstream.


Windstream set out to create a set of marketing and sales tools to overcome frugal buyers.

The goal was to articulate the value of replacing legacy solutions with new as-a-service offerings from Windstream.

The Goal:

  • Create new value messaging, insights and financial justification to convince business execs and IT leaders to purchase Windstream solutions

The Solution:

    A comprehensive and credible interactive ROI tool, available from

  • Self-assess challenges
  • Benchmark vs. peers
  • Understand and quantify the unique business value of Windstream as-a-service

The Results:

  • Fuel marketing campaigns with powerful, personalized assessment/analysis interactive content
  • Sales reps conduct ROI workshop engagements and prepare CFO-ready business case reports

Checkout the Windstream UCaaS and CCaaS ROI Tool for yourself:

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