Omnivex Digital Maturity Assessment

Providing a Diagnostic Assessment and Solution Recommendations to Improve Customer Experiences

When you are in an airport, train station, stadium, hotel, or university that digital sign providing you with updates, news and content is likely provided by Omnivex, And they don’t stop there, providing an engaging customer experience to to inform, engage and interact with patrons, customers and prospects across digital screens and mobile phones.


To grow to the next level, Omnivex realized they needed to engage in a more consultative fashion with prospects.

The goal was to provide a digital maturity assessment, helping clients diagnose shortfalls, identify improvement areas and recommend solutions.

The Goal:

  • Elevate marketing and sales conversations from product pitches to a prescriptive engagement

The Solution:

  • A digital maturity assessment framework to transform a complex consulting model into one more streamlined for self-service and sales engagements
  • An interactive online tool for self-assessment

The Results:

  • Promote executive connections and meetings
  • Fuel outreach via email, social and online marketing campaigns to generate more qualified leads
  • Provide a value-focused prescriptive approach in initial meetings

See the Digital Maturity Assessment for yourself:

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