IBM MQ Advanced Business Value Assessment Tool

Advice to find the right messaging middleware and understand the potential business value

IBM introduced a new version of it’s secure messaging middleware solution, MQ Advanced, but had difficulty getting prospects to understand the business challenges and getting sales reps to present a solid business case to upgrade products.


IBM wanted to introduce a new version of its solution to grow existing and new business.

The goal was to empower sales reps to educate buyers how the new solution would solve their current business challenges.

The Goal:

  • Proactively engage customers in upselling conversations

The Solution:

Two MQ Advanced Business Value Assessment Tools:

  • A business case builder to help reps uncover buyer needs to recommend the right solution in conjunction with financial justification to support the request
  • A self-service version used by prospects to gauge their own needs and receive intelligent advice through a value assessment

The Results:

  • Empower sales reps and partners with the right content to educate buyers
  • Leverage the interactive application to fuel marketing campaigns

Checkout the quick self-service version for yourself:

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