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The Missing Link for Growing Market Share

By Sarah Senne | May 14, 2015

MediaflyScreenHorizontalLogo-248-67pxExecutives of large sales organizations are tasked with increasing market share and growing revenue, but there’s often a disconnect between how the CEO wants the company and its offerings to be known and how the customer actually perceives things. The missing link can be attributed to what I refer to as an information pipeline, and having a strong one empowers your sales force in a way that matters to your position in the market.

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I recently wrote about this topic for CEOWorld Magazine. Check out the article to learn how Information Enablement is the critical factor in growing market share, and let me know if your sales force is positioning your products and services without any loss of value.

Information can be shaped on the spot. It flows from conception to audience without losing any of its meaning. Whether your company is launching a new product, or you need to position yourself against a competitor, your company’s information needs to be delivered quickly and accurately–by hundreds or thousands of sales people day-in and day-out.

Mediafly Executive Team

Carson Conant is the CEO and Founder of Mediafly, Inc. Inspired by the efficiencies created by leading Software as a Services companies, Carson led Mediafly to pioneer the mobile generation’s version of SaaS solutions: Mobile Apps as a Service (MAaaS), which is now embraced by some of the world’s most respected companies. When Carson is not traveling to be with customers, prospects, sales teams, and shareholders, he lives in Chicago with his beautiful wife and two rambunctious children.

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