Mediafly Drives Audience Engagement for Ford Focus Rally America

By Lindsey Tishgart | February 15, 2011

What happens when Ford and the creators of the reality show The Amazing Race team up to launch a reality show that you watch with apps from Mediafly? Entertainment and Advertising Evolution…

Mediafly Drives Audience Engagement to New Levels for Ford Focus Rally. Mediafly has created applications for Ford Focus Rally: America enabling fans to watch and interact from anywhere.


Focus Rally is slated to be one of the most interactive reality shows in history. Ford is taking steps to make sure that fans are able to connect anywhere, anytime, and across different devices. In partnership with Accelerated Media, Mediafly, a market leader in multi-screen media solutions is providing applications to extend the viewership to mobile and tablet apps — and to the living room with smart TV apps.

If you are not already watching; Focus Rally America is a reality show created by Ford and the creators of the hit reality show, The Amazing Race. Focus Rally follows six two-person teams across the country as they use the 2012 Ford Focus and social networking to decipher a series of clues that will lead them to the grand prize: $100,000 plus a 2012 Ford Focus for each team member.

Viewers can watch Focus Rally on and on To extend the experience — and add millions of potential viewers — Mediafly was tasked to create rich media applications for the Focus Rally that enable fans to watch episodes on their phones, tablets — and most importantly from the comfort of their couch with friends and family just like any traditional network TV show. Mediafly’s flagship device partner, Roku, was the first to bring the Focus Rally app from Mediafly to the living room on the award-winning Roku player.

The Focus Rally campaign is one of the most innovative digital media advertising campaigns in history. Jeff Eggen, Ford Experiential Marketing Manager, explains, “We don’t have the luxury of taking seven months to build this; it has to go zero to sixty in a couple of seconds.” Speed is essential to Focus Rally and the success of the campaign. And, being an online reality show, fans need to be able to watch episodes from anywhere at any time.

Mediafly CEO Carson Conant comments, “Ford is a company known for innovation. The Focus Rally series is a trendsetter as both engaging entertainment and effective brand marketing. And by leveraging the power of three-screen immersive video, Ford is multiplying its marketing spend. We are glad that Mediafly’s platform helps the Focus Rally achieve its goals.” Accelerated Media President, Lesa Bannon, adds, “We brought Mediafly into the Focus Rally project to help deliver the reach that is possible when you add in the all of the emerging Internet video devices.”

With the explosion of smartphones, tablets, and with a 600% increase in mobile Internet traffic over the last two years alone (AdMob), audience members have unprecedented opportunities for interaction. Through online applications and social media tools, today’s fans enjoy being active participants – from getting real-time updates to directly influencing their favorite shows and celebrities. Mediafly believes in AND, not OR; consumers should not be forced to choose between their favorite devices. Rather, Mediafly enables content to be viewed across multiple devices.

The Focus Rally began airing on February 1st and can now be watched with the apps by Mediafly. Supported devices include iPhone, iPad, Android phones, Android tablets, Roku, Yahoo! Connected TV, Boxee, and more.


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