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Sales enablement & content management solutions

Buyers have changed. They want collaborative, compelling value-based sales interactions. Empower modern marketers and sellers with advanced sales enablement & content management software solutions.

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Sales enablement & content management platform

Mediafly’s Evolved SellingTM Solution

Supporting customers with the technology and guidance needed to prepare and deliver personalized, impactful, and collaborative sales experiences that propel buyers to say “Yes!”


Challenges faced by marketing & sales

Ineffective Salespeople

Salespeople aren’t hitting targets or closing deals

Boost Sales Productivity

  • Automate data entry to allow reps to focus on sales tasks
  • Stop pitching products and lead with value instead
  • Access the right content at the right time, from any device, online or off

Hard to Find Content

65% of sellers can’t find the content they need for prospects

Centralize Your Content

  • Ensure all content is always on-brand and up-to-date
  • Easily access, customize and share all content from one central application
  • Leverage reports and analytics data to see what content works and what doesn't

Poor Engagement

Buyers believe sales reps don’t understand their needs

Improve Engagement

  • Turn sales presentations into interactive conversations with actionable insights
  • Effectively show buyers the value of your product or service
  • Easily and quickly tailor sales content around customers' challenges

Beautiful & engaging presentations

Deliver beautiful, engaging sales presentations and access sales content on a desktop, tablet or phone.

  • Quickly and easily, build custom branded and personalized presentations using a range of animated templates
  • Engage customers and prospects with stunning, interactive presentations in any sales situation, with or without WiFi
  • Have all the sales content needed, at any time, on any device










Since we started using Mediafly, our customers have rated their experience higher, citing things like the ability of reps to give them the best information in the moment. Mediafly gives us the ability to design a modern sales experience customers value.



Content management

Add, update, and share all of your sales content in one easy-to-use application. With dynamic, up-to-date content at their fingertips, sellers have everything they need to prepare and deliver engaging sales presentations.

  • Manage all your content (ppt, videos, pdf and more) in one place
  • Build branded workspaces with customized and interactive presentations that address audience-specific challenges
  • Easily access, edit, and share from any device whether online or off

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Interactive selling tools

Empower your sellers with Mediafly ValueStory® so they can easily quantify and communicate the unique value of your solution, while focussing on what each buyer cares about.

  • Leverage ROI calculators, TCO and product comparisons, diagnostic and benchmark assessments to quantify your solution benefits
  • Use real-time data and dynamic content to turn sales presentations into value-based conversations
  • Help your reps differentiate themselves by offering actionable insights buyers can’t find anywhere else

IBM MQ used Mediafly to create an advanced business value assessment tool to sell their benefits to customers

8×8 wanted to help prospects understand the true value of 8×8’s solutions against competitors.

Commvault needed a simple, yet credible way to provide prospects with the cost and business benefits

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Complete Guide to

Engaging the Modern B2B Buyer

Your buyers have changed. Have your sellers?

Sales training & coaching

Eliminate ineffective information dump in favor of continuous, agile and proactive sales training. Combine the power of sales enablement and learning management (LMS) to ensure sellers are always aligned with the tools and information they need.

  • Implement situational and contextual micro-lesson modules focused on buyer challenges
  • Utilize gated access to unlock valuable sales content only after reps have completed modules to ensure adoption and compliance
  • Scale sales coaching with video and screen share recordings, aggregate user feedback, and track results to continuously optimize for success

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Mediafly’s LMS is provided with our trusted partners:

CRM integration

Mediafly couples a next-generation sales enablement platform with all major CRM systems to increase both sales efficiency and effectiveness. An estimated 50% of CRM implementations end in failure due to low user adoption.

  • Track what content and assets are presented and shared with customers and prospective buyers
  • Automatically record meeting notes and content presented to drive CRM adoption and reduce time spent on administrative tasks
  • Better leverage your content library with automated content recommendations known to drive revenue and accelerate sales cycles

 How Sales Enablement Can Increase CRM Adoption and BOOST SALES

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Start optimizing content based on hard data.

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Revenue intelligence & analytics

Leverage robust insights to track what content is shared and presented to buyers. Measure what content drives revenue and optimize accordingly.

  • Shorten sales cycles and drive revenue by giving your sellers content proven to inform and improve buying experiences
  • Leverage revenue intelligence for a 360-degree view on pipeline health and content performance at each stage of the buyer journey
  • Maximize Marketing spend and content ROI by making data driven decisions on budget allocation

AI-powered insights

Leverage machine learning to ensure your sellers can successfully identify the next best step in any given sales scenario.

  • Easily auto-tag, search and find documents or assets with machine learning
  • Share your most effective content with the right people at the right time using AI-powered recommendations
  • Offer intelligent and contextual sales training recommendations for each individual sales rep


Robot or Revenue Driver? Improve Sales Performance with Artificial Intelligence

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With Mediafly’s newest offering, they saved us three months of discussing this idea with internal teams. Now we will just be able to show them it works.


Advisory services

Meet Mediafly’s advisory services team wherever you’re at on your sales enablement journey and move as far and fast as you want to go.

  • Map your sales transformation to advance your sellers’ capabilities and meet business objectives
  • Assess and reshape your sales content and tools for maximum return on investment
  • Create a value story to improve buyer engagement and increase revenue

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