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Improving CPG Sales by Unleashing the Power of your Network

By Lou Barreiro| March 10, 2017

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BY LOU BARREIRO  @lou_barreiro

Connecting with buyers has become more difficult as technology continues to change the way we interact with each other. Marketing and sales leadership are finding challenges in being able to cut through all the digital noise that buyers go through on a daily basis. This leads to buyers having preconceived notions and being misled about what they truly need. The challenge for CPG brands is figuring out the right steps they must take in order to achieve their goals and sell their products.

Nielsen partnered with Mediafly on February 28th to host the Unleash the Power of your Network webinar, to help CPG brands discover how they can utilize their network to expand their reach, potential, and achieve success. Tony Kavadas, EVP of Global Alliances at Mediafly, discussed how companies can better utilize data to become Evolved Sellers and change the way they interact with buyers.


Below are some highlights from Tony’s discussion:

You can see more from the webinar at the following link:


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About Mediafly

Mediafly is a mobile sales enablement solution that enhances how brands engage prospective buyers. By using Mediafly’s technology, marketing and sales teams at companies including PepsiCo, Disney, GE Healthcare, MillerCoors and Charles Schwab, are able to deliver custom, dynamic sales presentations quickly and efficiently, engaging customers with insights that are relevant to them. Mediafly’s Evolved Selling™ solution enables sellers to be more flexible, insightful and interactive in their sales interactions, resulting in increased sales and stronger customer relationships. Mediafly has been named to the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies for four years consecutively in addition to being named Inc.’s Best Places to Work of 2017. Visit or follow @Mediafly for more information.

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