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How Do You Remove The Dark Cloud Between Marketing And Sales

dark cloud between marketing and sales

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, a lot more of your work is being done with the help of the cloud. You’re distributing your marketing materials through it, sales people are using it to gather information and create better presentations. Its been great…so far.

As cloud based processes increase there is the possibility of this cloud turning from white, fully and full of productivity and efficiency, to a dark storm cloud full of confusion and wasted time.

In order to remove this dark cloud between marketing and sales, the goal should be to implement a mobile sales enablement app that brings together content creators (marketing) with content consumers (sales, sales ops, sales enablement, etc.)

Show Your Content Who’s Boss

A defined process for creating and maintaining, but most importantly distributing, your marketing collateral will not only save you time, but make you money (aka more closed deals). More often than not, marketing is just throwing new materials at sales. This is what makes that cloud dark and heavy. Your sales team can’t keep up with all the new versions and ultimately disregard the new marketing material to use old material they are comfortable with.

Distributing Your Content

Now that you have the ability to get content to your mobile sales force, what should the distribution process look like? A good best practice is to distribute the new collateral to your regional sales managers before it goes out to all of the reps. This allows you to do a gut check on the impact and applicability of the content before it hits the masses. Sales leadership should act as a bridge between you and the rest of the sales team. Once the updated content item is pushed out, the end-users will only see the lasted version, eliminating the need to sift through multiple versions to find the right one.

Also, some of your reps may not need access to all available collateral. Your enterprise mobile enablement solution should allow you to tap a button and distribute certain materials to, let’s say, only outside sales reps versus inside sales reps. End users see only what they should see.

Enterprise mobile enablement solutions can be the sun in your cloud or it can create a slew of issues and internal storms.

Have you faced issues with too much marketing content and not enough structured distribution? What tactics are you taking to remove the dark cloud between sales and marketing?

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