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Three Value Perspectives: Business, Personal and Organizational

By Tom Pisello | December 1, 2020

Many believe that Value is just about financially quantifying the ROI impact of a solution. But quantification is only a small portion of what today’s buyer cares about, what fuels change and what inspires a successful decision-making process.

The highest performing sellers recognize that you have to go beyond the quantified financial value and ROI of your solution alone.

Those most successful, evolved sellers recognize that each prospect in the decision-making process has three value perspectives, Personal, Business and Organization and will use each one to influence the purchase decision:

1) Personal Value. What’s in it for me? If you want your solution to motivate change, it is important to connect with your buyer’s individual emotions. As a result, you need to help by uncovering the personal challenges your mobilizer / champion is having, the individual goals they have in overcoming these challenges and mapping this to exactly how your solution can potentially help. The key is to understand and articulate how the solution can make the prospect’s life better on an individual level.

For example, will your solution help make their work-from-home better, and reduce late nights so that they can spend more times with family and friends? Will it help them get a promotion, or perhaps avoid perceived obsolescence and even job loss, or gain accolades from executives and peers?

As an evolved seller, you should seek to understand the challenges and the Personal Value your prospect as an individual anticipates earning from your solution, across these four potential dimensions of Personal Value:

Personal Value

2) Business value. What does your solution do to generate a top and bottom-line improvement for the prospect? The economic outcome of the solution should be quantified by the evolved seller to tally the financial savings and gains potential, culminating in a discounted cash flow / ROI analysis.

For example, how will your proposed solution help your prospect capture new markets, reduce business risk, avoid costs or improve productivity, and compared to the required investment, what will this return to the organization?

You should help the prospect quantify the Business Value outcomes expected from your solution across four key dimensions (from tactical/tangible to more strategic and less tangible):

Business Value

3. Organization value – How do you help the experience of those touched by your solution? This means going beyond just the financial impact, to tally how experiences of the users and those impacted by the solution downstream are improved.

For example, how well does the proposed solution help to improve customer experiences? How does it garner better reviews and influencer referrals?

The most evolved sellers recognize that there is an often higher order, non-quantifiable impact outcome to communicate and quantify for the prospect, as an organization value impact, which includes these four dimensions:

Organization Value

The Bottom-line

Evolved sellers know that with today’s more risk averse and economic buyer you absolutely have to quantify the financial impact of the proposed solution and deliver an ROI business case.

However, you can’t stop there, as there is much more value to communicate and quantify in order to help buyer’s embrace change, gain buying committee consensus and ultimately be inspired to push the decision through. You have to go beyond the financial business value impacts alone, to articulate value using all three value perspectives, especially illuminating the Personal Value that your mobilizer/champions and key central prospects hope to individually gain from your solution, and the Organization Value to be gained by solution users from the improved experiences in leveraging your solution.

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