The New Challenger Sale: Closing the Engagement Gap with Insights, Justification and Facilitation

By Tom Pisello | February 4, 2021

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Many customers are rethinking their investment priorities, consolidating vendors and freezing their spending. This according to post-crisis B2B Buyer research from the group over at Challenger, who indicate that:

I had the opportunity to interview Challenger’s Spencer Wixom, Senior VP of Marketing, and it was clear that the uncertainty has taken root, causing conservative policies to be put in place, with Spencer highlighting how

And this has had a significant impact, frustrating both buyers and sellers, with:

In order to avoid losing deals to “do nothing” (38% of total purchase cycles) and competitively differentiate when involved in RFP shootouts (the other 38%), sellers need to deliver more to buyers who have significantly elevated their expectations.

When studying what buyers want and need, Spencer highlighted the five key characteristics that were key to differentiating the experience, inspiring change and driving approvals, with the winning sellers best at:

Unfortunately, buyer expectations have elevated, and most buyers feel that over the past 18 months, especially post crisis, that sellers had become less effective.

Challenger research clearly shows the Engagement Gap and puts a number to the shortfall. In just one year, Spencer and the Challenger team report a 40% decline in buyers’ assessment of key seller capabilities, And the gaps were most apparent in the

We agree with the folks at Challenger that the Engagement Gap is an expanding issue for sales and marketing leaders, needs to be addressed right away with the right content and enablement, and that organization who can bridge the gap, will have less deals resulting in “do nothing”, win more than their fair share of new business and dramatically improve customer loyalty on an ongoing basis.

Taking a look at the biggest shortfalls to guide improvements, here are our recommendations on ways you can deliver:

To hear first-hand about the research and advice from the Challenger team, checkout our interview with Challenger’s Spencer Wixom here: EVOLVERS Podcast: Challenger Evolved: Inspiring Change AND Making Sense.

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