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On-Demand: Make Your Content Work Harder Leverage Sales Content Intelligence to Drive Predictable Sales

By Tom Pisello | October 29, 2020

As a CMO, you know that some of your content isn’t worth investing in, but which content isn’t performing and should be retired? And more importantly, what content is working and should garner even more investment to “move the needle” the most?

As a sales leader, you are pressed to deliver accurate forecasts and predictable sales performance, but how engaged are your opportunities for real, and what should you believe about which deals are really going to move forward as forecasted?

As a sales enablement leader you need to on-board, replicate and scale selling success across the organization, but how do you even know what excellence “looks like” so you can capture and repeat?

In this on-demand session, catch the ROI guy Tom Pisello interviewing Mediafly’s CMO Isabelle Papoulas, sales leader Dustin Zweck, and sales enablement leader Elise Oldenberg to see exactly how they are leveraging sales content intelligence to answer these questions, improve agility and boost predictable sales performance.

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