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Maximizing Productivity and Effectiveness of your Remote Sellers: w/ Omer Minkara

By Tom Pisello | July 23, 2021

In this interview, Omer outlined three ways to get the most productivity from your sellers now that they are remote and digital selling, and six new Sales Tech elements to drive improved selling effectiveness. He had a lot to share. Here are just a few highlights in regard to the new remote working environment.

Is remote selling a bad thing?

“Not at all. I think it really has to do with Managing your time effectively, prioritizing, knowing what to do, balancing your workload, knowing where and who to turn to to ask for help. When we look at our data, the companies that do adopt remote working capabilities and their sales setting and elsewhere in the business those are the companies that report something nominal in premise and performance. So if I remember the data correctly it’s not going to be translating exact or to a T, but I think companies with remote capabilities reported about 3X or three times the year over year increase In in-play productivity.”

“One of the ways that companies are able to ensure productivity is by looking at the workstream so ‘Yes, let’s have employees spend more time on areas where they make a difference, where they add the human touch, the connections. You know, let’s build workflow. So if an employee logs an opportunity or it is at a certain stage, let’s make it easier with the help of workflow automation and content management to let the employees find the right data, the right content, and deliver to the right customer quickly, so, one of the things that we found in our research is that on average 17% of an employee’s time- that’s 17% of a sellers time, is spent looking for content within a business. So you’ve got a think about that. So, you’ve got I don’t know, 10 hours a day maybe now with remote work, you are spending just about two hours of your day trying to pull the contracts, trying to pull the right information together. But what if you can really shrink that down to an hour? Now, that’s the time that you could spend with another meeting, Another two meetings. That immediately translates into greater productivity. That’s why we are seeing the productivity increases by firms that are using the right tools.”

Check out the full episode here!

Work from home is here to stay, people! And that is NOT a bad thing!

Keep evolving, EVOLVERS!

Until next time…

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