Evolved Selling Book

  • What can you do to better enable your newest sellers and middlers to perform just like your best?
  • How can you better communicate and quantify the unique value of your solutions?
  • How can you improve your content to provocatively inspire buyers from “do nothing” to “Yes”.

The answers to these important questions are front and center in the new book, Evolved Selling: Optimizing Sales Enablement in the Age of Frugalnomics by the ROI Guy and Chief Evangelist of sales enablement firm Mediafly – Tom Pisello. A follow on to his popular Frugalnomics Survival Guide, this new book by Tom provides a roadmap for sales teams, value consultants and content marketers. According to Gartner, 94 percent of enterprise buying teams have abandoned a buying effort with no decision.

Much of the challenge comes from buyers being as “Cold as ICE,” meaning that buyers are more:

  • Informed, with a wealth of decision making content
  • Cautious against sales pitches and claims made by vendors
  • and Economic-focused requiring financial justification and a significant return from each purchase investment.

According to Tom, “Buyers are overwhelmed by information when trying to make an informed purchase decision. As such, buyers expect vendors, not to pitch their products and regurgitate information they could have found easily on their own, but facilitate their decision making process and engage with unique insights, customized presentations and assessments. It’s a change to the conversation, addressing each buyers specific needs and desired outcomes”.

This is where the Evolved Selling book comes in. It simply and effectively guides you through a Sales Transformation Journey through the 4 I’s of Evolved Selling:

  • Inspire: leveraging a time honored value storytelling technique originally developed by Aristotle, and confirmed by modern neuroscience, to motivate buyers from “do nothing” to “yes”.
  • Influence: learning how sellers can better access the right value-focused content at the right time in the right format to motivate buyers forward at pivotal moments during every conversation.
  • Interact: Understanding how you can deliver data-driven interactive sales and marketing tools like diagnostic assessments, ROI and TCO calculators to foster collaborative discovery and financial justification.
  • Intelligent: Providing integration, tracking and insights with machine learning and artificial intelligence to understand best outcomes and optimize each next best sales effort.

Evolved Selling provides an in-depth analysis into each of the 4 I’s to help fuel conversations, improve win rates, increase deal size and accelerate sales cycles. As an ex-Gartner analyst, Tom loaded Evolved Selling with rich research, poignant insights and frank advice to show the proper way forward in your transformation journey. Despite that rich content, Tom found a way to make the book an easy read, and a practical guide. Over 200 full color illustrations, worksheets and checklists, create a roadmap to improve your customer engagements and deal success. If you are a business to business sales exec, sales enablement pro, content marketer or value consultant, you need to get your hands on this book. Evolved Selling: Optimizing Sales Enablement in the Age of Frugalnomics is available now on Amazon.