Enterprise content management & digital asset management solutions

Boost buyer engagement and win rate with Mediafly's enterprise content management software platform

  • Easily access, create and share personalized, on-brand sales content
  • Quickly launch scalable apps and tools for any sized teams
  • Leverage reports and analytics tying sales content to revenue, to decrease marketing spend and increase sales

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The worry the marketing team experienced over the quality of their content very quickly moved into motivation to create better content. That’s a big win for us and something our customers have noticed. We hear regularly that we’re best-in-class for our approach to inspiring customers to act.


Enterprise content management made easy

One unified application for marketers to effortlessly add, update and distribute engaging content and empower sellers with an easy way to access, personalize & deliver engaging presentations and sales assets.

  • Manage all your content, whatever the file type, from one central application
  • Build customer-centric branded workspaces with customized and interactive presentations that address audience-specific challenges
  • Easily access, edit, and share from a laptop or mobile device

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Challenges faced by marketing & sales

Ineffective Salespeople

Salespeople aren’t hitting targets or closing deals

Boost Sales Productivity

  • Automate data entry to allow reps to focus on sales tasks
  • Ditch the product pitch and lead with value instead
  • Access the right content at the right time, from any device, online or off

Hard to Find Content

65% of sellers can’t find the content they need for prospects

Centralize Your Content

  • Ensure all content is always on-brand and up-to-date
  • Easily access, customize and share all content from one central application
  • Leverage reports and analytics data to tie content to revenue

Poor Engagement

Buyers believe sales reps don’t understand their needs

Improve Engagement

  • Turn sales presentations into interactive conversations with actionable insights
  • Effectively quantify and communicate the value of your products or services
  • Quickly and easily tailor content in-line with specific buyers' challenges

Digital Asset Management (DAM) software for on-brand and up-to-date content

Scalable and enterprise-ready digital asset management (DAM) for easy access to impactful and engaging sales assets and presentations from any device.

  • Ensure all your revenue teams have the latest and most useful content to answer customer needs at any point in their buyer journey
  • Engage customers with customized and interactive presentations whether online or offline
  • Access all marketing and sales content anytime, anywhere, on any device










Advanced CRM integration

Integrate Mediafly's digital asset management platform with your CRM system to increase sales efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Track what content is presented and shared with customers and prospective buyers
  • Automatically record meetings held and content presented to drive CRM adoption and reduce admin time
  • Better leverage your content library with automated content recommendations known to drive revenue and accelerate sales cycles

A Sales Leader’s All-Inclusive Guide to Sales Enablement 2022

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Seamless integration with existing CMS solutions (SharePoint, Box, ...)

Align sales and marketing and eliminate siloed content with one single interface and credential-based access to view, edit and share.

  • Simplify and streamline content distribution to specific users or user groups, integrate with existing CMS, and automate day-to-day tasks
  • Gain insights on how content is being used and shared by internal teams and consumed by customers with built-in reports & dashboards
  • Increase sales and marketing teams effectiveness with on-brand, up-to-date and customizable content

Integration with existing CMS

A case study

World’s largest manufacturer Givaudan uses Mediafly to drive global sales

Having all sales-ready content in one place and accessible online or offline allows sellers to spend less time on low-impact administrative tasks, such as searching for content, and more time leading meaningful sales engagements with buyers.

  • Marketing team became accountable for the content they produced
  • With better insights on how content was being used, marketing began producing more impactful content that resonated with buyers
  • Sales teams use new materials to shape more relevant sales conversations, tell a better business story, and ultimately deliver more personal buyer interactions

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“Our Sales have skyrocketed since we starting using Mediafly”

Review from Mediafly customer on G2


AI-powered insights

Leverage AI and machine learning to ensure your sellers can identify the next best step in any given sales scenario.

  • Easily auto-tag, search and find documents or assets with machine learning
  • Share your most effective content with the right people at the right time using AI-powered recommendations
  • Offer individualized and contextual sales training recommendations


Robot or Revenue Driver? Improve Sales Performance with Artificial Intelligence

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Analyze & optimize content

Finally, visibility on what works! Unlock metrics from the entirety of the sales cycle for actionable insights to improve future sales pitches.

  • Marketers can see what content is used and when to close deals, to further empower sales with optimized content
  • Gain insights on content use, to highlight content driving revenue, overused, underused or content needing updates
  • Assess content effectiveness against revenue 


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