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Top 3 Challenges Solved by Sales Enablement

By Meghan Ganzer | June 6, 2018


Within every sales organization, regardless of industry or size, you’ll find common challenges impeding the productivity and effectiveness of sales processes. With a sales enablement solution, these challenges can be minimized or eliminated to produce a highly successful organization. At Mediafly, we call the evolution of your sales organization, made possible by sales enablement, Evolved Selling™.

Evolved Selling™ addresses the following challenges:

Data Management

CRM tools were designed with sales management in mind. These systems do little to help the seller themselves and end up creating more work for the reps. Sellers should be spending time selling, not working on administrative tasks. A CRM is excellent for pulling reports on sales deals moving through the pipeline, but it doesn’t always tell the full picture. Forward-thinking companies will want to know the cause and effect of closing deals; what is moving some deals forward, and what is preventing other deals from progressing? So really, how beneficial is this tool for sales management anyway, if it’s not being used to its full capability?


To benefit both management and individual contributors, a CRM should integrate into a mobile technology sales enablement tool that allows data to be both pulled and pushed during the sales process, including during live pitches. Pushing data to CRM can be done by tracking content used in meetings and sending notes directly attached to the opportunity or contact in your system. This new process reduces the time a sales rep would spend on this activity later.

Content Measurement

Your marketing team is creating content, but can they easily identify what’s being used, what sales teams find useful, and whether the content used by sales is effective or ineffective? How often does marketing create content to ‘check a box’, but they don’t really know if it’s going to be useful for the sales team? Similarly, how much time are sellers spending on creating their own content or searching for the most recent and relevant content? Not only does this keep them from selling, they’re duplicating efforts and likely creating content that is not compliant with the company’s branding or messaging.

In every organization, there is a struggle to align the content created by marketing with the needs of sellers. However, a salesperson is not going to be able to create compelling, targeted content for each buyer persona, opportunity or meeting. In an ideal world, marketing would fully understand what content created compelling sales stories. Through CRM integration, marketing can measure the impact of content as it’s tied directly back to deals that have either been won or lost. By understanding the correlation between content and moving deals forward, marketing can produce more of the right content.

Engaging Interactions

What happens when a seller walks into a meeting with a pre-baked Powerpoint presentation, and the buyer says they want to talk about something else? Or they ask a question the rep wasn’t prepared for? What does the seller do in that moment? Option A: Do they frantically start searching for the content that matches the buyer’s needs? How long does it take them to find what they’re looking for? Are they digging through email? How do they know this is the most effective and recent material? Option B: Do they say they’ll send that information at a later time and continue on with their pre-baked presentation the buyer doesn’t have interest in? Either way, the relationship is weakened because the seller is unable to bring value and meet the buyer on their own journey. How can we build stronger engagements?


Empowering salespeople with dynamic capabilities and interactive presentations ensures sellers create a personalized experience for every sales interaction. It establishes instant credibility and educates buyers on the value proposition of the product or service while engaging them in relevant and insightful conversations that can help move the opportunity forward.

About Mediafly

Mediafly is a mobile sales enablement solution that enhances how brands engage prospective buyers. By using Mediafly’s platform, marketing and sales teams at companies including PepsiCo, GE Healthcare, MillerCoors and Charles Schwab, are able to deliver custom, dynamic sales presentations quickly and efficiently, engaging customers with insights that are relevant to them. Mediafly’s Evolved Selling™ solution enables sellers to be more flexible and interactive in their sales interactions, resulting in increased sales and stronger customer relationships.

Evolved Selling™ takes sales enablement to the next level by incorporating methodologies and technology that enhances engagement with prospective buyers. Read more about our approach to Evolved Selling™.

Meghan Ganzer is the Digital Communications Manager at Mediafly. Since making the strategic shift from sales to marketing, Meghan has focused on content writing, external communications, and event collaboration to support the Mediafly sales team through demand generation. Meghan attended Miami University in Ohio and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications.

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