The Death of Sales Enablement? (w/ Scott Santucci: Top SE consultant, Inside Sales Enablement podcaster and former Forrester)

By Tom Pisello | October 9, 2020

We were lucky enough to interview Scott Santucci a short while ago, and he is ever the protagonist! (In a good way, of course!) Scott sees things in a way that forces success, change, and forward movement.

He had a lot of insight into the future of Sale Enablement as a whole.

“Sales enablement’s business benefit is really about the simplification of the variety of resources that your company has available so that you can make those conversations between your salespeople (I don’t like calling them sellers ‘cause then you don’t think of them as human beings) and the customers that they interact with to make that value exchange better. “

“If you believe that sales enablement is about the content, and specifically, I like to refer to this as, um, the ‘Concept to Contact Process’, where instead of just thinking about product launches and checklists for readiness, and just sort of a classic product marketing, Tom, that we used to know and be a part of, and think about: How do we organize information to help clients envision either successful outcomes or great experiences. Whichever way you want to put it… there’s a great case that marketing should be responsible for it.

You could say that they could bring in the customer experience people, you could say they are more responsible for surveying customers…. If that’s the lens with which you see the best way you could drive sales enablement. “

Find out what Scott’s opposing thought pattern on this subject is by listening to the full episode here!

It never hurts to look at both sides of a story!

Keep Evolving, EVOLVERS!

Until next time…

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