Overcoming Tribal Bias to Achieve Success– with Kate Migon

By Tom Pisello | January 6, 2020

Kate Migon is a successful leader, honing her sales craft since her first sales job in high school. But every once in a while, you face that challenging situation. One which tests your mettle and makes you even more passionate about wanting to do well.

In this episode, we explore just such a situation, the lessons Kate learned, and how it helped her become an even better sales leader today. Kate had terrific insight and technique on how to become one of the tribe when faced with feeling bias in the room…

“I think the major thing that every sales-person needs to do is establish trust; and you establish trust by understanding what their business model is and understanding how your product fits into their business model. So, you’re not just ‘informing’ them…”

When Kate is presenting, she makes certain to make the client feel a part of her tribe. Rather than just scribbling everything on a white board and talking AT the client, she presents her ideas and then physically hands the client a whiteboard marker asking them to tangibly and verbally share their own ideas, thus integrating then directly into the process as a team player in a collaborative effort. The client’s opinion matters, and they become a direct “part of”, rather than just an observer.

Equality goes a long way…


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