Mediafly Named a Leader in G2’s Fall 2019 Reports for Sales Enablement and Digital Asset Management; High-Performer for Presentation Capabilities

By Meghan Ganzer | October 3, 2019

Let’s play a game. It’s called “Never Have I Ever”. You begin by holding up three fingers. I’ll make three statements and with each, if the answer is true, keep your fingers up. If the answer is false, put a finger down. Here we go:

  1. Never have I ever… been part of a lost or stalled sales process.
  2. Never have I ever… spent too much time searching for the right content.
  3. Never have I ever… delivered a poor presentation.

Do you still have three fingers standing? Doubt it. To be frank, never have I ever met someone who could keep all three fingers standing. But hey, it’s inevitable, right? Wrong!

In G2’s 2019 Grid Fall Reports, Mediafly is named a leader in the Sales Enablement and Digital Asset Management (DAM) categories and a high-performer in the Presentation category. The only major sales enablement player to be listed in each category, Mediafly is truly a jack of all trades and a master at each – a feat that’s hard to come by.

Let me dig into how we’ve mastered each of these categories and how Mediafly’s sales enablement solution will help you win more deals, enable sellers for effective and efficient processes, and engage buyers on their own terms with interactive and insightful content.



DAM software is often deployed to manage and distribute content of all file types in one place. Sellers who know where to go to find what they need, save countless hours of searching for the most relevant and recent content. Marketers typically manage the DAM, maintaining security, branding compliance and version-control for all content being shared externally. But this doesn’t always result in smooth sailing.

Search for the right content at the right time

Content can be stored and segmented in a variety of ways: by file type, industry, buyer persona, sales stage, product line, etc. There is never a one-size-fits-all solution to how content should be grouped, which is why search is such a vital component to an effective digital asset management tool. By applying keywords and tags to content, sales reps have the distinct ability to quickly navigate and locate what they need. But, really, that’s just table stakes.

Mediafly took search a step further and generated full-text search and video transcription search functionality to return relevant matches, regardless of the keywords, tags and titles created by marketing. This powerful search function lets sellers leverage content that resonates in the moments that matter to buyers. Finding what they need the minute they need it is a game-changer and converts the sales interaction into revenue.


Measure content effectiveness through CRM integration

Another reason Mediafly’s Digital Asset Management was recognized as a leader is its enhanced measurement and reporting. While basic DAMs track content usage for visibility into what’s being used, it doesn’t portray the whole story. Instead, measuring the content’s impact on the sales cycle turns data into insight and is crucial for future sales and marketing success. DAM solutions integrated with CRM allow content to be tied to won or lost deals. For sales leaders, this means piecing together a content-led sales process for their team to replicate success. Understanding which assets truly resonate with buyers allows marketing teams to strategically formulate a content roadmap that prioritizes the buyer’s needs.



PowerPoint presentations tend to be generic, static, and product-focused with templated slides that start off with an “About us” page and don’t allow for customization. [Disclaimer: If you or a loved one has suffered from any of these presentation symptoms, this blog is probably right for you.] And before you tell me, “My presentations are different…”, I don’t care how many cute animations and slide transitions you’ve included (and spent time on), you’re essentially putting lipstick on a pig.

The problem with linear presentations is they discourage two-way engagement with your buyer. You wouldn’t introduce yourself to a new colleague or friend by stating your name, your birth date, your hometown, your hobbies and pet’s names and then ask if they want to meet again, would you? So why would you conduct sales interactions this way?

Deliver a unique experience with dynamic content

To truly deliver value to buyers, a sales presentation must be dynamic and promote flexibility. The presentation itself should act as a conversational guide, but the buyer should control the destination, leaving no two interactions alike. Dynamic content lets sales reps tailor the experience by mixing and matching various assets to deliver a unique experience that speaks directly to the buyer’s pain points.


Let your buyer choose their own adventure

Supporting the conversation when a buyer pivots off-course is a breeze with the right presentation software. Linking presentation assets to internal or external content prepares sellers for any direction your driver wants to go. Have you ever had an Uber driver take you a different route that you’re accustomed to? At first, you’re uncomfortable and try to get your bearings. But ultimately, you arrive safe and even earlier than you would have had you taken your normal route. Instead of letting the change in direction panic you, embrace the ride. As it turns out, your buyer might be guiding you down a new path that makes more sense to them and gets you both to the finish line faster.



The final category Mediafly ranks as a G2 Leader in is Sales Enablement – the big kahuna. What is sales enablement, really? Sales enablement is the technology, processes and tools needed to drive effective sales engagements. So yes, your CRM is considered a piece of sales enablement. So is your DAM, your presentation software, and any other resources you may use to make the lives of sales reps easier and the experience for buyers seamless. But, why Mediafly?

Don’t just enable; Evolve

Mediafly’s Evolved Selling™ approach goes beyond traditional sales enablement to inspire sellers to lead interactive and intelligent sales engagements that positively influence buyers. To do this, sellers present content that resonates. They tell a differentiating sales story by articulating the value of their solution in the context of their buyer’s business. They utilize interactive sales tools to support that story. And they track and measure content engagement to optimize future sales outcomes.

Create interactive sales presentations

574x300_G2_Image6 We touched on two-way sales interactions briefly, but there’s more to it than dynamic content and allowing your buyer to take the wheel. More than ever, buyers are self-learning about your solution due to the amount of available information at their fingertips. During a sales interaction, they expect to gain new knowledge and an understanding of how your product or solution will impact their business. Successful sellers leverage ROI calculators and TCO tools to quantify how their product or solution will make a difference to the buyer’s bottom line. Differentiating the value of your solution in the context of your buyer’s business engages buyers to lean in and articulate the benefits internally.

Leverage AI-powered sales enablement

Lastly, AI-powered sales enablement technology takes the guesswork out of the sales process and frees up sellers’ time to get in front of more prospects. Connected through DAM and CRM integration, it empowers sales reps to prepare for meetings, collects and records data automatically post-meeting, and proposes the next best actionable steps that resonate with unique buyers. Artificial intelligence may never replace humans, but it will reduce time spent on administrative tasks and improve sales performance.

I don’t know about you, but I really hate losing at “Never Have I Ever”. Want to start winning? Give Mediafly a shout today.

Meghan Ganzer is the Digital Communications Manager at Mediafly. Since making the strategic shift from sales to marketing, Meghan has focused on content writing, external communications, and event collaboration to support the Mediafly sales team through demand generation. Meghan attended Miami University in Ohio and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications.

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